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07 Jul

Are your sales people kissing more frogs than princesses?

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frogAs a sales person, you need to be hitting it off regularly with both new and existing customers. In order to kiss more princesses than frogs, it’s important to make sure every visit counts. This means prioritising visits to outlets most likely to result in sizeable orders.  In reality though, it can be difficult to make the right selections.

27 Jan

Why will Aspin be at Spring Fair?

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SF13_1Our clients receive ongoing support and value from Aspin – which means once the project has gone live and the Aspin products have become an integral part of our client’s order taking process, we are still at the fore providing support and continually reviewing and developing our products and services.

How do we maintain our support and service?

24 Jun

WatchPro most-read: Tablet solution the answer for Citizen Sales team

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WatchPro2WatchPro magazine have published a list of most read articles across their online items – and Aspin and Citizen are pleased  that this article has been included in the top ten items. Back on April 24th 2014, WatchPro published an article 0n Citizen and their success with using Aspin’s PixSell iPad app for their reps to take orders.