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05 Mar

Greeting card publisher Caroline Gardner using PixSell

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Caroline Gardner have released a video showing their busy stand at the Top Drawer, London exhibition in Earls Courts, earlier this year. Here at Aspin, we were delighted to see PixSell become an integral part of the Caroline Gardner sales order processing both on the road and at trade shows, featured in this promotional video. The PixSell catalogue and ordering app has enabled the prestigious greeting card and stationery distributor to equip their sales agents with crucial information such as product stock levels, and the ability to process trade show orders before the customer has even left the stand. “PixSell greatly increases our customer service and improves lead times on orders and enquiries. We would highly recommend PixSell to companies similar to ourselves – with a large product offering”, Caroline Gardner say of our iPad ordering system.

20 Dec

Your sales team may have the App but what about the application?

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For companies that depend on sales people to drive business forward, there are likely times you could hug them and times when they drive you to despair! Undoubtedly, many businesses have employed sales people who appear busy, talk the talk and have all the toys a professional could need such as an iPad and iPhone, yet they don’t deliver as much as we think they should.

07 Dec

“PixSell is putting us at the top when it comes to technology with our customers.” – Citizen Watch

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Wokingham based Citizen Watch have called time on anything less than PixSell for their sales reps. Users of both PixSell and InterSell, Citizen have left us a brilliant PixSell app store on the benefits of iPad ordering for their sales reps.