8 ways to get the most out of Glee 2016

September 8, 2016 Aspin News 0 Comments

Exhibiting at Glee, Birmingham this year? We’ll tell you how to get the most out of your exhibition to ensure 2016 is a blinding success. Read on for our top expo tips…

  1. Encourage your staff to engage and make eye contact. Remind your staff to be alert and to say “hello” to everyone that steps onto your stand – you don’t know what budget a visitor may be sat on and the potential they have to spend with your company.
  1. Remove the scraps of paper and clipboards on the stand. There are many reasons distributors give their reps iPads at trade shows – they keep the stand tidy, they position you as a forward thinking company – and they enable you to process orders on the spot. This takes us to number 3.
  1. Don’t keep hold of orders. We never heard of orders flying out the warehouse if they are on a piece of paper and at the back of a trade show stand.  If you want to improve your order turnaround, you need to get them back to head office as soon as the customer leaves the stand.
  1. Only put barcode stickers on products if you intend to scan them. This is very time consuming, unless of course you’re combining iPad ordering and Bluetooth scanning to take orders. Now you’re talking.
  1. Ask staff to tidy up the stand regularly. It’s not just the bits of paper with important information on – empty coffee cups, laptop bags and coats are all eyesores for customers who want to view your latest collection of products at the show.
  1. Don’t let tradeshows be the only opportunity to take orders from customers. Whether you operate a team of road based reps or not – your products should be available to buy online 24/7. Trade shows are as valuable for building relationships and catching up as they are for ordering so why not let a B2B trade website lighten the load and facilitate year-round ordering.
  1. You cannot rely on internet connectivity to process orders. Kudos for taking orders electronically but invariably the internet connection at the NEC will let you down. Placing orders via a purpose built ordering app means orders can be placed whilst offline, with no back up pen and paper required.
  1. Save space, save money and leave the printed catalogues. The moment you print that catalogue, it becomes dated. With a digital catalogue on the iPad, you can have all your products to hand and update it regularly for no extra cost.

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