Import and Export Data via CSV Files in AMSolve

March 29, 2011 Aspin News 0 Comments

Many of you will already have data being imported and exported to and from AMSolve via CSV files, or to be more accurate comma separated files. This functionality has become increasingly popular, for example we have provided software to create and amend products, customers, grids, sales orders and invoices using data from CSV files created via MS Excel.

How many of you manually rekey data from a spreadsheet into AMSolve? We have one customer who used to spend hours keying new seasonal product ranges into AMSolve to create new products and now they have a CSV import which creates the new products in minutes. For another customer we have provided a product import that allows existing product data to be amended – for example if they need to flag a range of products as ‘Discontinued’ they simply create a list of the products in a spreadsheet, populate the corresponding ‘Discontinued’ column and import the file. This can be done for ANY product field so the potential is limitless and I suspect that most of you will find this type of functionality useful at some point. Also don’t forget that this is not limited to products, we can do the same for customers or grids or maybe create orders or invoices – the sky’s the limit (okay that may be a bit overboard but we will do our best to serve your needs J).

This can be taken a step further and we can export all data to a CSV file, useful if you have to provide product details to your trading partners.

I am on a 300 word count limit here so I need to finish off but hopefully this gives you a feel for what we can do. If you think it may be of interest then I am happy to discuss it with you further – call Mike on 01794 500204 or email

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