Apple’s iOS 11 and PixSell

August 1, 2017 Aspin News, PixSell

Apple has announced that iOS 11 is due to be released this Autumn. So what does this mean for PixSell users? We take a look.

Will iOS 11 affect PixSell?

With every iOS release there are small changes made to PixSell to keep the app running smoothly. The main considerations for iOS 11 are not directly related to PixSell, but rather to devices and apps that Aspin customers might use. iOS 11 will only support 64-bit applications and will no longer support the 2012, 4th generation iPad and any previous versions.

What will this mean for PixSell customers using 4th generation iPads?

If you own a 4th generation iPad, you will still be able to run PixSell, but not be able to update to iOS 11. Aspin will continue to support the older devices, however we would always advise you to stay as up-to-date as possible to get the best performance from PixSell.

Which iPad devices will iOS 11 support?

  • iPad Mini 2, 3 and 4
  • iPad Air 1 and 2
  • iPad 5th generation
  • 9.7 inch and 10.5 inch iPad pro
  • iPad pro 1st and 2nd generation

If you have any questions about how Apple’s release of iOS 11 will affect PixSell, please contact Aspin Support by phone 01794 500 205, online, or by email [email protected].

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