Aspin AGM 2018 concludes with three courses and beer – hurrah!

October 19, 2018 Aspin Aspin social, News

As part of our ongoing staff engagement initiatives, the Aspin AGM is now in it’s 15th year and for most (!!) it’s a well anticipated afternoon, followed by a lively meal together.

Nathan kicked off with a review of the year, our sales, what we did well, what we need to improve on and what initiatives we have to look forward to and take part in for 2018/9. Over to Nigel – who focused on a theme of internal customer service. Yes, we have our external base of clients but what about our peers and colleagues? We are all each other’s customers and have a duty of care to help everyone within the business do their job. Great food for thought.

Kevin took over with an update on software developments – what we can expect to see in PixSell version 3 next year, and how SkooCloud continues to develop with the arrival of specification sheets (very impressive and powerful). Lizzi followed with an update on the marketing. She added a few insights on what Aspin might be like in 2054 which mostly involved mocking up photos of various staff members… luckily they all have sense of humours! On the marketing front, we welcome a new marketing person next month and will unveil our new branding shortly… Exciting stuff.

On to Richard who gave us a run through of the ever evolving sales team and process. This has been underpinned by our sales trainer for the last 18 months and slowly but surely we are starting to see the fruits of our labour. Next up to the podium was Harvey – king of mocking up photos of staff members and boy, did he deliver once again. We were given an update of all web projects for 2017/8 both ongoing and live – along with lots of funny photos of staff members.

The final leg was Chris and Mike. Chris discussed both ongoing and live projects for the PixSell team for 2017/8 with a smattering of holiday photos from each member of his team (I know – it’s outrageous that we give them time off), and Mike finished up with his progress on managing jobs and projects internally. This year, we’ve seen a vast improvement in using Workbooks to manage each project, adhoc job, quote and sales opportunity –  and our internal communications have improved vastly. Thank you for overseeing this Mike. :-)

We then headed to The Cromwell Arms for dinner and the rest is history…

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