Aspin family day 2015 in photos

June 8, 2015 Aspin Aspin social Tags:

Yesterday saw us meet for our annual skittles tournament, commonly known as ‘Aspin family day’. It was a gloriously sunny day down on the south coast and we enjoyed lunch, skittles and watching the children run wild in the park. Our crowned winners were Amanda in first place, Sandeep in second and Lizzi in third – you see them below with their winnings.

Thank you to everyone that came along to join in on a ‘non work’ related day. Photos below…

Shikha, Sandeep, Elaine and Priya
Toby concentrating
Julian concentrating on trying to beat Adam
Adam effortlessly beating Julian
Hanish and Krish
Shivani, Isabella, Lottie, Lily, Izzy, Florence, Daniel, Molly and Krish
Amanda in 1st place, Sandeep in 2nd and Lizzi taking 3rd – posing with their prizes!