Aspin in the GIMA associate member spotlight

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Associate member spotlight

Aspin get a warm welcome to the spotlight this month as a recognised GIMA supplier

Aspin provide many GIMA members with their PixSell iPad app for mobile ordering and InterSell B2B eCommerce for trade ordering, and play an active role as a GIMA Associate member. Find out more about the work they do for our members below…


We have been using PixSell for a year now, having used the previous version on older devices for 10 years. Not only has PixSell provided our roaming sales force the tools to take orders on the road more smoothly and transmit them seamlessly…

EP Barrus

In the field, PixSell enables us to take and process orders 24/7, particularly out of hours. We have greater visibility of customer accounts, and we can see order history that is particularly useful…

PixSell ‘Activities module’

Do you feel there is a blank space when it comes to knowing what your sales reps’ schedules are? To get the most out of your mobile sales team, you need to work with them to manage their time efficiently.

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