Aspin prepare to release PixSell v2.0

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Aspin’s B2B iPad catalogue and order app for sales reps will see a major app update this summerWe asked Mike Tendler, our post implementation Consultant for PixSell to give us a bit more information on the benefits of regular software updates and how it benefits our users:

software update screenshotWhether it be operating system, anti-virus/anti-malware software, application software, or even games – it’s always good to keep your software updated.  PixSell especially, as an application in active development, is regularly updated.  We work hard to bring you increased functionality and enhanced features that you may wish to take advantage of.  Additionally with software as incredibly flexible and configurable as PixSell, a few “unwanted features” can creep in from time to time, and it’s important that you stay updated so that you benefit from the latest code fixes.

Every now and again we see an issue with a customer running a 6-month-old (or more!) version of PixSell and in most cases, simply updating to the latest version solves the problem.  With iOS, it’s easy to keep PixSell up-to-date – on your iPad just go to Settings > iTunes & App Store, and ensure that “Updates” is ON.  This way, your iPad automatically checks the App Store for any updates while it is connected to power and Wifi (such as when it’s charging overnight) and if any are found for the apps on your device, it downloads and installs them for you.  (Note that if your company uses AirWatch or other MDM software, updates to PixSell will be controlled centrally.)

Many thanks to Mike. For more information on our products and services, please contact us on 01794 500 200 or

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