Aspin visit Flack Manor brewery in Romsey

January 13, 2017 Aspin Aspin social

The first Aspin social of 2017 saw us visit our local brewery in Romsey, Flack Manor. Established beer makers since 2010, Flack produced over 900,000 pints of their original beers in 2016. A few of us went to go see what the fuss was all about with a tour and tasting session.

The Flack Manor tour is made up of a talk and walk around the brewery. During the tour we were taken through Flack’s ‘Double Drop’ brewing process. This initially starts off as malted barley which is milled and then mixed in with water in a large container. A liquid extract known as ‘worts’ is produced, and combined with hops and yeast, produces a beer-like substance which is then left to settle and then is ‘dropped’ into a vessel. This is the final stage before the beer is bottled or put into kegs, and is a process that happens every day.

Once the tour was finished we were treated to a tasting session in the ‘Flak Shack’ where we were able to ‘sample’ and enjoy Flack’s best-seller the Double Drop ale, as well as their other releases, Flack Catcher, Hedge Hop and their stout creation, Black Jack.

A great time was had by all, and we were happy to each take home a complimentary Flack Manor pint glass. Look out for a Flack beer in your local pub soon – or an Aspin employee…

Thank you to Terry & Charlie at Flack Manor for showing us around. 

View the Flack Manor website here.