AWS Techshift Modernise event

February 18, 2020 Aspin InterSell, News, Staff, Workshop Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Last week, a number of the Aspin Software Development team attended the AWS Techshift Modernise event, at Amazon’s UK head office, in London.

Overall, the two day event focused on showcasing the AWS services that can modernise a platform/application via hands on labs and access to AWS experts. The schedule provided some very focused guidance to us, particularly in relation to taking an established successful set of products and gradually moving them to take advantage of modern software frameworks and practices.  The advantages to our customers are increased reliability and performance, and exciting new features as we can implement new innovative services much more quickly (such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning).

“As part of the continued investment in our people and platform we took some of our Development team to Amazon HQRoss and Adam to meet their experts and understand the state of the art for Cloud deployments and services, as part of a program of events to ensure our products remain industry leading.  AWS offers many services that we are ideally positioned to take advantage of, particularly around hosting and redundancy, and l am excited with some of the innovative services we can use to deliver some key new features we have in the pipeline.”

– Greg Hepworth – Head of Product Development


“Thanks to the AWS Techshift Modernise event, we can better visualise the structure of future Aspin services, empowering us to determine the best technologies to develop our solutions, on a substantial world-class foundation. This allows us to improve development efficiency while delivering a strong and reliable service to our customers.”

– Harvey Dobson – AWS/Dev Ops Full Stack Developer


“It was great to spend some time at Amazon’s HQ, learning directly from Amazon’s own infrastructure experts and gaining insight into available AWS services and how Aspin could utilise these Ross and AWSto optimise deliverability and increase the responsiveness of our products. My three main takeaways were:

  1. Using cloud formation to configure/initiate services enables a much faster and more consistent approach than using the AWS console. It also would allow version control of the infrastructure code meaning changes in performance could be related to configuration changes much easier than visually identifying changes in the console.
  2. Fargate can be used for container deployment and AWS provides a relatively simple pipeline to deploy these.
  3. It’s going to be important going forward to ensure that the services we subscribe to do not overlap and we should attempt to identify the best value tool for the task.

– Ross Murray – Developer


“The AWS Techshift Modernise event gave myself and all the team a wealth of knowledge from both the AWS Solutions Architects presentations and the comprehensive hands on labs we Ross and Adamcompleted. It’s given us all lots of new ideas of how to modernize Aspin’s suite of products going forward and the best practices to use. The highlights for me were

  1. Using AWS CloudFormation allowing you to provision your AWS resources using code
  2. Using AWS Fargate to run Docker images.
  3. The use of new services such as Amazon Athena and Amazon Rekognition

– Adam Gorse – Senior Developer