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Bunzl MiniSell order capture roll out under JIT Plus brand

2012 has seen Bunzl Healthcare successfully roll out Aspin’s MiniSell under the name of JIT Plus to Material Management Teams (Mat Man) at various Primary Care Trusts (PCTs). Aspin spoke to Bunzl about the implementation, and to find out how the end user had found the migration from the old system.

Why replace?

Bunzl Healthcare previously offered the JIT order capture system consisting of custom software on Telxon handheld readers. After extensive research and debate as to the relative merits of a bespoke solution versus a packaged solution, Bunzl Healthcare fully re-vamped its JIT mobile ordering solution and upgraded to JIT Plus with the implementation of Aspin’s MiniSell software.


MiniSell is an order capture solution designed for mobile workers. The software allows the user to take orders and other transactions, access detailed customer and product information, and perform in-store stock management.

The introduction of JIT Plus (MiniSell) to the Material Management Teams (Mat Man) at various Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), enabled an improved and streamlined stock replenishment process at different locations within the trusts.

The feature rich MiniSell application made the choice of a packaged solution easy as it covered all requirements with the added benefit of easy implementation. The feedback from users has been excellent with customers finding the new solution more flexible and easy to use, in comparison to the original JIT system.


David Morris, Bunzl project manager, describes the system:

 JIT Plus is an order capture solution for hospital material management teams. The (MiniSell) software allows the user to take orders, have access to address and product information and the ability to perform top-up operations.

Pricing is always up to date as are the products lists for each customer. Every night, a new and complete catalogue is sent to each handheld device to ensure accurate and up to date product information.  Access to this information enables each user to search for a product in the catalogue on their handheld terminal. Furthermore, as the device stores order histories, it is possible for a previous order including location to be duplicated, updated and then sent as a new order. Additionally, users can browse their in-basket and generate reports on line to find trends in their business before placing an order.

Comments from JIT Plus users

Sharon Cook – Materials Manager, Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust:

We place orders for all Theatre and Day Surgery supplies and various items for wards, therefore next day delivery is essential. The JIT Plus system allows us to receive products the next day at reasonable costs. Subsequently, JIT Plus also helps maintain the turnover of stock in theatres and many other locations, without large stock holdings. The ability to print your order summary allows the user to view available stock, allowing rapid replenishment of out of stock products.

Robin Barrett – Bucks Healthcare:

The handheld devices are reliable and user-friendly. The functionality of the device enables the user to enter a particular cost centre, and then repeat old orders or set up order template. This is really useful if someone needs to place an order for an alternative department.  The ability to download orders anywhere makes our job much easier and less stressful when working to deadlines.

Materials Management Team, Homerton University Hospital:

Homerton’s materials management team have recently started using the JIT Plus handheld device. User feedback has confirmed that JIT Plus is a huge improvement as the previous readers were too small, proving difficult to read. The other significant advantage is that you don’t need to download via a terminal, as the device is wireless.


Bunzl Healthcare is one of the UK’s largest distributors of leading brand and own-brand medical consumables to all areas of the healthcare market. Bunzl offers a range of traditional and bespoke supply chain solutions to meet their customers’ requirements in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Bunzl Healthcare manages the procurement and delivery of more than 20,000 products from over 500 suppliers.

At a time when procurement is a key area of expenditure under review by NHS Trusts, and where healthcare organisations need to deliver effective, cost-efficient patient care, Bunzl Healthcare manage a ‘glass-pipe’ supply chain, offering transparency to enable tracking and spend visibility in order to drive value for money in our customers’ procurement activities.

A winning combination of tailored, effective supply chain solutions, backed up by leading edge technology and the most comprehensive product portfolio helps Bunzl Healthcare facilitate better procurement.

If you would like any more information on MiniSell, please contact Lizzi Benger on 01794 500 200

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