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Time+Space, an audio software distributor, use Aspin’s eCommerce solution InterSell which integrates with their ERP system Sage Line 50 using Aspin’s Sage Line 50 eCommerce interface. ( Specialising in applications for computer-based music production, their product catalogue includes a variety of virtual instruments including virtual pianos, drum kits and guitars.

Joel Heatley of Time+Space Distribution explains how content has become a vital aspect of driving sales for both retail and trade for both InterSell and their other distribution channels.

Like most businesses in the 21st century, the internet has become an essential tool for us to communicate with both existing and potential customers. We are continually looking at improving how we attract and engage customers by enhancing the online experience that we deliver. This includes creating and publishing unique content that informs and educates about not only about the products and brands that we distribute, but other relevant and related topics to our industry.

One of the main objectives of our content marketing strategy is to drive business by increasing and enriching the traffic we receive. On our main site we regularly publish various different types of content, such as news stories, artist features and excerpts from product press reviews. An example would be an interview we did recently with Friction, a BBC Radio 1 dance music DJ and producer. Friction not only talks about one of our products – iZotope Alloy, but he also gives insight into his own music production processes.

In addition to the main site, our other online assets include a blog and online knowledge base. Our blog enables us to publish more generalised articles, giving additional background to our products and brands in a more colloquial form. We make our blog content as informative and engaging as possible, readers can also leave comments as a way of feedback. The knowledge base is where we post technical articles based on issues reported by customers whilst using our products. Our blog and knowledge base not only attract high percentages of new visitors, but also deliver an increasing number of referrals to our main site.

Our social media channels play a key role in our content marketing strategy not only to advertise but also as publishing platforms in their own right. We use our YouTube channel to publish both promotional and tutorial movies either created by us or our suppliers. Once published, our videos are assets that can easily be deployed across our other sites making for a more interactive visitor experience. The great thing about publishing on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter is their viral nature, so content can be shared quickly not only by us but our customers and suppliers too.

While search engines organically direct visitors to our content, we try and drive as much traffic as possible by using our own communication channels. Our regular e-mail newsletters and social media platforms are important tools to inform our existing customer base of new content. We also encourage artists, brands or other content relevant entities to promote it themselves. Often the more engaging the content, the more willing they are to do this.

With more traditional forms of marketing becoming less effective in a new digital age, content marketing has become an increasingly important part of a marketeer’s toolbox. It is no longer enough to simply regurgitate existing material which can be found elsewhere – to shine through on the web it is important to be the original source of information. Most importantly, your content must be both well constructed and targeted if it is grab and maintain the attention of the intended audience.

Many thanks to Joel Heatley.

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