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PixSell catalogue and ordering app now boasts an extended range of Sales Intelligence reports to help your reps sell. The PixSell Dashboard has now been significantly extended with the new PixSell Sales Intelligence module providing over 30 sales focused reports. These reports are driven from within the data on the PixSell app, meaning a salesman can quickly access them whenever they like, without the need for an Internet connection.

Customers already using these instantly available PixSell reports have commented that they are “…helping our sales teams have a deeper insight into their customers, which has resulted in more productive sales calls and larger orders”.

What is Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence is all about analysing business results, through the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful snapshot reports. These allow a sales person to easily identify new opportunities and create a strategy for continued sales growth.

The typical market sectors for PixSell, distribution and wholesale, are highly competitive involving high sales volumes, with decreasing margins. Greater analysis and reporting provides an insight into customer buying patterns and by automatically evaluating these patterns, PixSell’s Sales Intelligence reports can help pro-actively identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.


There are three new Dashboards provided with the Sales Intelligence module:

  • Extended Territory Dashboard
    Sales reps can access charts that show stats and year on year trends for their particular territory these include: customers who have not placed a recent order, customers who have not been visited recently, the top 10 products and most frequently sold products. Managers are able to see one step further and monitor these reports across their sales team.
  • Customer Dashboard
    This dashboard uses a customer’s ERP order history to provide trends on their buying habits. The charts and reports show many aspects of year on year analysis such as what a particular customer is buying less of this year, their favoured items to order by month, by units or by value, and what are they not buying from your list of top 20 products. Stats are broken down and shown in easy to understand charts.   
  • Product Dashboard
    This dashboard is available from wherever you are looking at a specific product. It focuses on year on year comparisons, allowing a rep to see which products are trending. Charts include total sales by product, popularity by territory and customer specific analysis.

Speaking to many of our PixSell users at trade shows over the last three months  it was great to see so many businesses achieving results from taking orders using their iPads. The new Sales Intelligence module will help your reps keep up to date with their customers’ buying patterns and from this drive increased business sales.

For a demo of the PixSell Sales Intelligence module please email us at and we will email you the factsheet with the full list of reports that are currently available.

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