Employee of the Month – May

June 3, 2019 Aspin News, Staff Tags: , , , ,

It’s that time of the month when the staff at Aspin vote anonymously for who they feel deserves Employee of the Month, giving the reason or reasons for who they feel have gone the extra mile and deserves the honour.

May gave us a clear winner – Alistair Sowerbutts

Alistair continues to provide first-class support to our customers and for many is the voice of Aspin. He is popular amongst our customers for both his knowledge and his patient approach to dealing with their problems.

So congratulations to Alistair for getting the most votes for May. He deserves the recognition as a vital member of the Aspin support team, whenever there is feedback it’s always positive.

We asked Alistair how he felt about winning;

“Obviously, stunned and humbled that I received the most nominations SINCE FOREVER and I definitely haven’t mentioned that at all, to anybody, anywhere. How those posts got onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok (that mini-musical tribute with the dancing giraffe – wow!) I have no idea. Not to mention the announcement in The Times. That was a bit of a surprise.”

“Honestly, though, the whole thing was a bit of a shock, really. I don’t think my face has gone that shade of scarlet while standing still quite some time…!”

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