Streamlining your reps collection of customer information

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forms screenshotThere are many different roles for a sales rep – some are instructed to sell product, whereas other teams focus on information gathering for more targeted selling and account management, and of course many teams are expected to do a combination of order taking and information gathering.

Whatever the rep objectives are within your field sales team, PixSell can be used to capture a wide variety of data including; information about the customer site, point of sale, customer feedback, competitors and compliance.

The benefits of building up this sort of information against customer accounts means that you create individual profiles and use them to target each customer with appropriate marketing campaigns in order to up sell your own products and eliminate any competitor product. You might focus your questionnaires on your customer service in order to improve the way you serve your retailers.

The resulting data can then be viewed via the browser based PixSell reporting system at head office and downloaded into a spreadsheet for management and sales reporting.

For more information on PixSell and how your sales reps can gather account information in the field, please contact us on or 01794 500 200.

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