PixSell FAQ

November 27, 2013 Aspin PixSell

Aspin have answered some of the frequently asked questions that come through via PixSell support to help you get the best out of your application:

1)      How can I make my customer searches more precise?

Tapping on “Options” in the search customer box enables you to select which fields on the customer record you want to base your search on.

2)      How do I review order history for a customer?

Select “Customers” from the main menu, choose your customer and tap on the arrow to the right of “Order History” in the “Details” column on the right of the screen. This will display information about past orders. If the arrow to the right of “Order History” is not highlighted, then that account has no history to display.

3)      Why aren’t our users downloading the new images we’ve added?

The iPads will only download new images when they pick up an update package so remember to send these out after adding any new images.

4)      Why doesn’t the Hold order option appear in the PixSell Out Tray?

In order to hold orders on an iPad between syncs you need to have user-managed sending enabled in your parameters.

5)      Is there a way of adding an entire collection to an order in one go?

Yes, select the collection in the catalogue (from the collections drop-down), then tap the action button at the top and select ‘add current view’ – this should add the whole collection to the order. Any issues encountered during the add (e.g. Out of stock / unable to order/ product discontinued) will be summarised in an error pop-up after the collection has been added.