Google Analytics and InterSell – the distributor’s dream

May 3, 2017 Aspin InterSell

Have you considered combining Google Analytics with InterSell to target your trade customers? With help from Aspin, we can get you set up with Google Analytics and then help you develop your analytics strategy. Sound interesting? Read on to find out who we’ve helped, and how we can help you…

Google Analytics is a tool used to analyse the behaviour of your visitors and customers on your website. To take advantage of these analytics on your website, you’ll need to add a tracking code from Google. This is something we can do for you. Once the code is in place, you’ll be able to monitor users and obtain basic statistical information such visitor quantity, visitor location, and referrals (how they arrived on your site). Once you are aware of how users reach your website and where they are, you can start to tailor the website content and user experience accordingly.

Once you have your code in place, Aspin can assist their InterSell customers in collecting additional information on products, purchasing and buyer behaviour. With the ‘Enhanced eCommerce Analytics’ package, Google Analytics can collect specific data from your trade ordering website to include things like product codes, prices and categories. This data is then used as a basis for the enhanced analytics.

InterSell clients who added the ‘Enhanced eCommerce Analytics’ to their trade website have benefitted from a number of additional insights, including:

  1. Which products have been viewed and how they were viewed (i.e. in the catalogue, from a homepage banner)
  2. Reports on how many products were added to the basket, if any were removed, and how many were actually purchased
  3. The ability to distinguish between public and trade customers, and a report on how they used the site
  4. Order statistics such as; the number of abandoned baskets, products removed from orders, value of orders, currency of orders, and orders that were the result of a marketing campaign.
  5. Hot spots – a clear indication on which parts of the site generate the most sales (i.e. catalogue or homepage)


InterSell users Amscan and Hills Agencies have used their Google Analytics data to make changes to their website content, to better target their customers. John Gosling, Digital Marketing Executive at Amscan International regularly monitors analytical reports which help him to monitor the success of the Amscan website:

“With the ‘Enhanced eCommerce Analytics’ package, we are able to see each individual search term on our website to then determine whether users are searching for, and finding the right products. From this, we ensure that each product has multiple tags so they can be found via the types of search that our customers are likely to make. In addition, the data we receive helps us with our SEO. We are able to see how users get to the Amscan website and we then tweak some of the language on our pages accordingly to improve the results.

We produce a report every week so that we are kept well in the loop with what our website users are doing. It is also useful to see how much revenue we are generating from each product.”


For more information on how to implement analytics on your InterSell site contact us here. Alternatively, contact your Aspin account manager.