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September 9, 2016 Aspin News 0 Comments

Today, we’ve publishd a guest post from Northampton based ReMap – a company who focus on helping business leaders engage with their teams to achieve success. Let us hand over to ReMap’s Sales Director Ian Saunders to see how ReMap can rehydrate your business:

“Why do competent & capable managers fail to lead their teams, or advance their careers, as effectively as their capabilities suggest they should?”

As a business, ReMap have spent 16 years helping businesses across many industries improve their commercial effectiveness. The above question is something most senior managers or owners ask. Our answer is unconventional, but straightforward.

Irrespective of our personalities or abilities in our day-to-day lives we tend to avoid things that cause us discomfort –  i.e. we sidestep things which cause us pain – and it’s the same in business!

Managers may be considered ‘qualified’ or ‘experienced’ and understand how they should behave in certain situations, however that doesn’t mean they will necessarily feel comfortable or capable to actually perform that way. For example, the manager who dislikes having ‘honest’ appraisal conversations, struggles with the concept of delegating work, or finds it difficult to speak up in meetings will manifest that they feel uncomfortable with the task infront of them. Whatever the issue may be, the discomfort and pressure they feel in their job means these tasks are completed less often or less well.

In addition to this internal anxiety, there are external implications for the individual in the work place. Their peers may see their unintentional behavioural reactions as negative. What is actually a comfort or confidence issue may be incorrectly seen as incompetence or an attitudinal problem.  Observers could assume the person…

  • dislikes ‘change’
  • avoids difficult conversations with their team
  • micro-manages
  • dislikes collaboration
– they are awkward
  • struggles with openness / transparency
  • just doesn’t network
  • resists delegation
  • worries more than acts
  • tends to place their reputation above results for the team
  • does not present well

These points can impact heavily on business results as well as career aspirations.

This type of ‘emotional interference’ in the workplace is very common and impacts on both the individual and their colleagues every day. Interestingly, in 99.9% of the cases it’s a learnt habit, not a conscious act. As with smoking or other habits, it can be changed. Valuable employees can be helped to enjoy their jobs more, achieve better results and avoid unnecessary retraining using ReMap’s alternative approach.

The ReMap Solution….

 1: We start with a proven scientific approach using a profiling tool called the Leadership & Networking Questionnaire (LNQ). This establishes any areas of discomfort and sensitivity for the delegates.

2: We work with the delegate for two days to help them understand their results and, importantly, how to change their habit level behaviours.

3: We coach the delegate remotely for 4 weeks to embed behavioural changes, achieve uplift performance and produce a ROI. Delegates are set measureable performance targets for this period.

4: We review progress, measure achievements and plan for the future; changes are permanent.

In short, we ‘emotionally rehydrate’ the delegates and ensure their performance improves sustainably by changing the way they view their role.

If this sounds of interest then give Ian a call to discover more. ReMap are currently looking to work with people in all industrial sectors to build new case studies for 2016

Ian Saunders

07720 448164

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