LG Harris launch PixSell ordering app at Spring Fair 2017

February 8, 2017 Aspin PixSell, Spring Fair Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Bromsgrove based paint brush distributor LG Harris are back at Spring Fair 2017 after a hiatus and they are fully equipped to sell with PixSell for their reps, having launched the system at the show on Sunday.

With the Harris branded stand, and staff in Harris shirts, PixSell only adds to the customer experience that the company has to offer its retail customers. Aspin talked to a variety of people that work at Harris, including marketing and field sales to understand how PixSell benefits each department of the business.

PixSell Project lead at Harris, and Head of Customer Services Rachel Howard is delighted to have launched PixSell at Spring Fair, and with feedback from the sales team, suggests that the ability to access customer sales history and stock levels is invaluable.

Such data to hand will relieve head-office from fielding phone calls from the sales team and better equip the sales rep as they start a sale with a customer at the show, and out in the field.

Ordering collections in bulk on the iPad is also a huge time saver – a promotional group of products can be added with one click – rather than being built or written into the order each time. “We are so pleased that the system is live, and would like to offer a big thank you to Aspin for guiding us to go-live.”

Best of luck to Harris for the final day of the show, and to the sales reps as they take PixSell out into the field with them.