Highlights of the year at the Aspin AGM 2017

October 16, 2017 Aspin News

The start of Aspin’s new trading year in October, saw us all take some time away from our desks for the annual company meeting (AGM) last week. This gave us a great opportunity to see how the business has progressed over the last twelve months.

All Aspin staff met in the boardroom where team members from each department gave presentations – giving us a good assessment of the last 12 months, and our business strategy going forward. During the meeting we were treated to demonstrations of various projects and developments, and were given a recap on all the new customers’ that have joined us this year. There was a mixture of humour and serious content in all the presentations, ensuring an attentive and inquisitive audience throughout.

2016/17 has been a solid year of progress for Aspin We’ve seen a sustained increase in the number of new projects/customers, as well as an expansion of the business itself, with 6 new members of staff. Since the start of the year we have held four PixSell workshops – giving us the chance to spend more time face-to-face with our customers. With over 130 attendees across all sessions, we have been delighted with the high levels of engagement – and the interest in our plans to continually evolve both PixSell and as a business.

Plans for 2018 include the launch of PixSell Version 3.0, extensive development of the SkooCloud platform, further development of our B2B Portal, and the first InterSell workshop being held in the Spring. We are looking forward to the year ahead as we continue to help our customers take better and more frequent orders.

After the meeting, we all enjoyed a meal at the Cromwell Arms in Romsey, followed by a few drinks.