How mobile technology can improve sales performance (BHETA Open Forum)

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Have you ever thought that you might be missing a trick as your sales rep traipses from customer to customer with catalogues, a laptop, boxes of record cards and a stack of order forms? First impressions are everything, and so far the customer has welcomed a weighed down rep with a laptop that takes 5 minutes to boot up. Chances are, your customer is itching to get back to the stock room or serve his own retail customers and is finding the sales call ever so slightly tiresome, and your sales rep hasn’t even started yet.

This was exactly the premise of Doug’s presentation at the BHETA Open Forum last week as he was invited to present to members of the association. So why are many businesses reluctant to make the move over to electronic sales ordering and processing and smarten up their sales team?

Aspin's Doug Mendes
Aspin’s Doug Mendes

There is a common desire to be connected in today’s world, WI-FI is abundant and wireless devices are the norm. In a corporate environment however, directors are unsure as to whether tablets have a place in the work place, and if they do, will they ever earn their keep?  It’s the classic return on investment quandary for many – so it might be worth mentioning that tablets now outsell laptops and PCs in the workplace!

For those who remain unconvinced, the reality of a tablet with a business app installed is a wealth of ‘back office’ information that enables the rep to be better equipped for servicing an account. The reps are desperate to get their hands on this information in order to make their business role easier and more rewarding. Perks such as customer specific pricing, updated stock levels and customer sales history enable reps to manage accounts much more effectively, all whilst engaging with the customer over a tablet for a fluid and more profitable appointment. So there we have it, the upshot of a tablet based application means that sales reps can present your products, company and services via content rich media as dictated by head office. Reps will follow a structured process, utilising company resources and fulfilling their sales calls in the way that you dictate.

Distribution companies that invest in tablet systems for the field sales team will see a return on their investment. Sales people will stick to process, working with what you equip them with, orders are processed promptly and accurately without human error and intervention, head office resources are reduced and directors are likely to see a boost in sales performance and a return on investment.

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