How to help your reps offer B2B promotions that work for your customers and your bottom line

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Successful promotions are an effective way to cross-sell and up-sell your products and encourage your customers to expand their buying profile. Regular and changing promotions give a focus for head office marketing to identify something new or different that offers both value to your customers and increases your business revenue.

This mutual ‘win-win’ can help cement the relationship with your customer, and provide your sales team with an interesting talking point as part of each visit.

The role of the sales rep is to develop the customer account by up-selling new products and concepts and to facilitate the top-up order of existing lines. Placing certain items on promotion is a way to get different products into a customer’s shop and then to establish them as part of the top-up order, so on future visits the rep can focus on up-selling new items you have to offer your customer. However, when your reps are tasked to sell promotions, it can sometimes be difficult for head office to administer these deals and ensure the sales team are sticking to the ‘rules’. After all, the idea is to offer strategic promotions, not just give away freebies!

If promotions are part of your field sales strategy or you are looking to start promotional selling, the PixSell Promotions module could be exactly what you need to deliver this in the most effective way for all involved. The module delivers a controlled way for head office to allow field sales reps to offer specific product promotions to your trade customers.

To identify whether your business would benefit from this new PixSell module, we have put together a set of questions to help identify your requirement:

  1. Does ‘Buy any 6 of Red Cup, Blue Cup, Yellow Cup and/or Green Cup and get any 2 cups free of charge’ sound familiar?

The PixSell Promotions module supports a selection of ‘buy-get’ style promotions, which can be set up by head office and sent to the reps’ iPads.

  1. Does head office find it difficult to ensure promotion conditions are adhered to by the sales team?

The PixSell Promotions module enables you to set up rigid product based promotions, structured around specific quantities and product relationships, with a ‘hard’ start and end date, giving head office full control over the promotion.

  1. Do your reps struggle to remember all the promotional rules?

Your reps and agents will no longer need to negotiate paper-based promotions with confusing rules (that are often too easily broken), as the PixSell iPad sales app clearly prompts any promotions that the customer is eligible for with the associated rules.

  1. Finally, the question on everyone’s lips – what types of promotions does this module support?

If you would be interested in knowing more about this module or would like to organise a demonstration, please contact Aspin on 01794 500 200 or [email protected]

Without promotion something terrible happens… Nothing!” P.T. Barnum, Barnum & Bailey Circus