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The past fifteen years has revolutionized customer sales visits, negating paper forms and pads and enabling sales reps to take orders and access up to date customer/stock information without regular calls to head office.

 Sounds fantastic, however reps are still carrying multiple product catalogues and presenters with them to each sales visit. Obviously, this is not an ideal – aside from the reps having to flick back and forth through various catalogues with the customer, there are significant costs involved in preparing, printing and then distributing numerous catalogues to an entire sales force. Moreover, it’s impractical to customise layouts, remove discontinued products, cater for multiple languages or even accommodate individual customer pricing all in paper form. Why haven’t product catalogues kept pace with other advances in the sales order taking process?

Up until fairly recently efforts to provide a ‘soft’ solution have always been limited by the hardware available –  laptops are too cumbersome, slow to boot inconveniences and PDAs’ do not have the storage capacity or screen area to display product images effectively. However, with the rapid growth in tablets, and specifically the Apple iPad, sales teams have been increasingly eager to adopt a sales order taking app that exploits the larger screen and fluid user interface of a tablet.

PixSell, recently released to the Apple App store by Aspin, provides sales personnel with an app that is part product catalogue, and part sales order taking tool. With PixSell, users can browse effortlessly through a regularly updated product catalogue, to create and amend orders and other transactions. Switching between a number of different layouts and customized search displays, users can enlarge images and view detailed stock information, whilst any customer pricing, deals and discounts are applied automatically to the order as they go. Once completed, orders be printed out or emailed to the customer as a PDF before being synced back to the office for processing.

The app also provides access to customer account, open-items and order history information, and thanks to a dynamic catalogue page system, enables sales presentations to be created specific to each customer. Data can be regularly imported and exported via regular updates from your back office system, and because all data is downloaded directly onto the iPad, PixSell can even be used when you have limited or no internet connection.

In addition to PixSell, users can access a browser based reporting system, which provides a range of reporting tools to monitor and analyse sales performance. What’s more, PixSell supports multiple languages and can be extensively customised to meet the needs of your business.


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