Business pains that an iPad catalogue ordering app can remedy

April 15, 2016 Aspin PixSell 0 Comments

Having worked with distributors and their sales teams for nearly 20 years, Aspin have found that the majority of these businesses, whether they are selling to kitchenware retailers, trendy giftware outlets or garden centres, suffer with similar issues relating to the way that they take and process their customer orders:

“Errors are made when the orders are manually entered into our head office system.”

“Our order turnaround is too lengthy; from the point of order taken, to it actually being dispatched from the warehouse.”

“The reps and agents need to make frequent and time consuming calls to head office to stay up-to-date.”

“Our catalogues are pretty much out of date from the moment they’re printed, and are expensive to produce and update.”

“Customers are out of touch with our brand and company news.”

As sales orders are the very lifeblood of a distribution business, it pays to plug these inefficiencies. At the same time you will provide an improved level of customer service to your retailers. Feedback from our customers highlights how the implementation of a fully integrated mobile sales app, such as PixSell, can provide a resolution to these issues.

  1. Orders are taken containing out of stock product

Reps no longer need to rely on weekly stock updates report being emailed or posted (if they ever read these anyway!), a fully integrated app will provide your reps and agents with stock updates throughout the day, allowing them to focus on product that is available and ready to ship. Together with detailed customer order history and reporting, your reps will be in the perfect position to take the best possible order every time.

  1. Errors are made when manually entering orders

No more bad handwriting or duplicate entry, customer orders can be processed directly into the app, taking account of customer specific pricing, promotions and associated products. When finished the customer will receive an immediate order confirmation by email and the order will be directly imported into your head office system. This leaves no room for errors, and the customer knows exactly what they will be receiving.

  1. Order turnaround is too lengthy

Banish the snail like return of orders by fax, phone or email at the end of the day. Orders captured in the sales app are swiftly and efficiently imported into the back office ready for picking and dispatch.

  1. Time consuming calls to head office

No longer do your sales team on the road need to be in the dark as to what is happening with the customer base, the mobile sales app gives them all the information they need to be self-sufficient and identify customer trends, and assist the customer in making informed buying decisions. Now when the reps call head office, your customer service team knows that the rep is up to date and has access to the same information as they do, so they can quickly and easily collaborate to achieve the best possible outcome for the business.

  1. Out of date and expensive catalogues

Frustrated that the moment you get your catalogues back from the printers something has changed and they are not 100% accurate? A mobile sales app delivers a digital product catalogue that is always up-to-date with current products, customer specific pricing, promotions and detailed product information. Furthermore, photo quotes and order confirmations can be emailed to your customers after each visit.

  1. Customers are out of touch

Customers don’t know which trade shows you’re exhibiting at, what your new logo looks like or how to find out about your latest offers. The mobile sales app will allow your sales team to present the company on every sales visit in the same vein as your website, catalogue, and head office can. This will help transform your rep into an ambassador for your business and brand, allowing them to sell for your business and not just be an order taker.

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