iPad ordering for Optical sales reps

November 30, 2015 Aspin PixSell 0 Comments

by Sam Crabtree.

Opticians are high tech, forward thinking environments and individuals that require the latest technology and design in product to ensure that customers are getting the best possible treatment on the market and to allow for customers to easily have a choice of optics to their preference.

Distributors and their reps that supply to independent opticians want to deliver a product and service that reflects the industry and their need for technology and forward thinking. Would it be fair to say that printed and dated catalogues, crumpled order forms and bulky laptops don’t give off the professional vibes that an optician might seek in their products? This is where the iPad fits beautifully into the optical environment – sleek, design led and with the ability to automate the industry.

Appearance isn’t the only important aspect, performance is obviously just as important for your reputation in the optical industry, and with the two married successfully with iPad ordering, why would a company not invest in such automation to serve their Optician? A retail business owner and their buyer have busy schedules, so the need for quick ordering, and a process that is easy and stress free for the buyer must be a priority for any distributor if they want to be a leading supplier in their industry. In addition to this, the catalogues, order forms and laptops are not all encompassing – which why so many distributors have turned to PixSell which incorporates everything required by the rep into one app on the iPad. Reps are able to up-sell your products – a selling style and a must for all mobile sales teams.

The benefits of PixSell iPad ordering for the Optical industry

PixSell is a marketing and selling tool with a clear and easy-to-navigate product catalogue combined with an ordering function and full ERP integration. The rep is armed with account information such as graphs to demonstrate certain points to help up-sell products that are best suited to the customer profile.

As mentioned earlier, professional image is a problem with catalogues, paper order pads and laptops in tow, not to mention restrictions in performance too. How many mistakes are made by manually entering orders into the ERP system? How much time is wasted in doing this task manually? Additionally, how many times does a rep take an order for the customer to be told that the item is out of stock several days later? How many calls are made to HQ by the rep during the sales call to check customer account information?

Optical distributors would be able to counteract these problems with the help of PixSell iPad ordering. Due to the app intergrating with your back office system, human error can be dramatically reduced. PixSell is able to capture orders and email copies to relevent people and send an electronic import into your ERP. Furthermore, with the information taken from your back office system, it means that stock is up to date, and account information is at the reps’ fingertips. Easy ordering is available to the customer and the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell products is available, like never before! PixSell can be tailored to each distributors’ requirements, resulting in a happy distributor and a happy retailer.

For more information on how we can transform your team of Optical reps – contact us on 01794 500 200 or info@aspin.co.uk

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