“PixSell is of a very high quality and is intuitive to all users.” – Kuhn Rikon

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Innovative cookware distributor Kuhn Rikon are now as advanced with their ordering systems as they are with their ‘high-tech’ product range. 2015 has seen their adoption of PixSell iPad ordering and they have since left us a great app store review. For the Wolverhampton based distributor, PixSell also gives reps and agents access to customer account details, and historical and financial information to help them manage the account and target their customer appropriately. Orders placed will take into account pre-agreed pricing and discounts and can then be sent back to head office for processing via a remote connection.

What do Kuhn Rikon make of their new ordering solution?

“We have been impressed with all aspects of our PixSell implementation. The product is of a very high quality and is intuitive to all users. PixSell is helping us to reduce the time it takes for goods to reach a customer and has greatly improved the customer experience by having up to date stock and account information available to our team of sales agents. Our large catalogue of products means it is impossible for agents to carry samples of everything, so the high quality images allow customers to examine products as if they were actually in their hand.”

Thank you to Kuhn Rikon for their comments.

Doug with Vicky from Khun Rikon.

Doug with Vicky from Khun Rikon.