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Businesswoman returns from Uganda trip

A woman from Liss has returned from a moving trip to Uganda, where she helped install three water tanks. Selina Russell, who lives in Rake Hanger, is the founder of Farnham-Road based business Cheeky Rascals, and she spent a week in Uganda. She went with Vistage, which is a group of executives and business owners, to the village of Nkuringo.

Selina, who is a director of Cheeky Rascals, said: “It went really well and we got a huge amount done. “The three water tanks were already there and the community turned out when we installed them, which was a huge success. We then went with the community to church to celebrate.”

“We also had more than 2,000 pieces of clothing to give out.  Hundreds of people were there and it was quite difficult for us to distribute it all fairly. When we stopped the distribution they started singing and dancing and playing the drums, which was absolutely beautiful.”

Selina and the team also donated some clothes to an orphanage in Uganda called Potter’s Village. Selina said: “We found the orphanage, which was run by an English doctor and his wife and was well organized. They have given us a list of things they urgently need, and I’m going to go to my contacts in the nursery industry and buy what can’t be given.”

Selina and the team also trekked through the jungle, climbed volcanoes and watched gorillas during their time in Uganda. “It was a very extraordinary trip and seeing the gorillas in the jungle was a lot of fun,” said Selina.

“We combined some more distribution with our treks through the villages and we handed out clothing to the poorest villagers.  There was the most astonishing countryside there, which was absolutely stunning.”

Now that she has returned home, Selina still feels very emotional about her time in Uganda, and is proud of the role Cheeky Rascals played. She said:  “I have been emotional and when I got back in the office, people asked how it went, and I burst into tears! I’m very proud of Cheeky Rascals for buying one of the water tanks.  Without Cheeky Rascals I also wouldn’t have had the contacts in the nursery industry who gave me their dead stock. The trip was real eye-opener, but it was a great feeling to be able to help. It was a good week and I learnt an incredible amount of stuff for the future.”

“I now know what could be done better in the future.”

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