Mondottica sing praises of PixSell iPad app at 100% Optical

February 7, 2017 Aspin PixSell

Mondottica, the Nottingham based global eyewear distributor were at 100% Optical show this weekend flying their flag for their many brands and meeting with existing and prospective accounts.

The stand was jostling, as we approached and we were lucky enough to meet with Andy Patchett who was just logging into his PixSell app reporting cloud to see how many orders they had taken by lunch time.

“This system is extremely good”, Andy tells me. “As head of sales, I can just log on to the reporting as and when I wish and I can see how many orders we’ve taken today, this morning, for this show, for the month – and the value of each order or an overall figure. I can see how the reps are performing – and which territory needs my attention. It really is perfect for us.”

Later that day, whilst discussing the merits of PixSell with a prospective client, we hand him a postcard with logos of some of the Eyewear brands we work with.  He smiles and says, “so next time, you’ll have my logo on here too?”

“We hope so.”

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