Monitor field sales orders from head office

August 3, 2015 Aspin PixSell Tags: , , , ,

Sales reps need to earn their keep by bringing in regular business. How as the business owner, do you ensure they are fulfilling their duty to visit so many customers in a day and take so many orders when they work so remotely in the field and you are office based?

View rep orders online as they hit the DataBridge


The benefits of iPad ordering are tenfold and today we are focussing on the managerial benefits and features of PixSell online reporting for office based managers and directors. One of the most discernible reasons to automate your field sales ordering is to control each process and yield track-able results. By this, we mean head office can equip the reps with specific material on the iPads, keep the catalogue up-to-date and view orders as they come in from each sales rep. This can be viewed via the head office online reporting suite available for managers and directors. The screenshots demonstrate the features and benefits of the reporting tool.

Order summary
View order IDs, values and accounts by selected date range


Via the DataBridge (the middleware between the iPads and your back office) users view a summary of field activity and drill down further to view a summary of orders. Within this view, you can see account number and name, order value, order date, customer reference, received date, despatch date (intended), and the order ID. Having the ability to see daily field activity at this level compliments both your back office and PixSell ‘in-app’ Dashboard reporting by providing up-to-date snapshot of data before it becomes part of your long-term sales figures.


PixSell order
Itemised PixSell order

Once you select a specific order to review, you can look at an itemised list with line price, any discount added and the line value. This type of information gives head office quick and easy access to review orders one by one and see how reps and agents are selling your products, and in what quantities.

Whether you are an existing PixSell user or interested in using PixSell, contact us on [email protected] for more information on the online reporting suite.