Murrays offer extra level of service to trade customers with Aspin’s InterSell

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PMhomepage2Top health and beauty distributor Murrays Health and Beauty are reaping the benefits of having a B2B trade order website to compliment their field sales team, which Aspin are proud to have built and continue to support. The InterSell website was deployed in 2007 and serves as an ordering tool for customers who wish to top up their stock levels between scheduled visits from their allocated field sales rep.

“individually agreed trade prices”

Aspin asked Murrays’ Katharine Smith about InterSell’s role in the business, “by registering for an online account, our customers have access to the entire Murrays Health & Beauty catalogue shown with their individually agreed trade prices. We also use the site as a marketing tool to make customers aware of online product launches and offers, as well as those that are available solely through their field sales rep.”

“enables them to calculate their own costs”

The site has seen continual development over the last seven years, with additional features such as the new ‘Your Cost Price’ functionality. This feature enables the customer to view products prior to purchasing them at their very own cost price. This function therefore enables them to calculate their own costs/margins before committing to buy the product.

“a direct and quantifiable improvement within the system”

PMtechpage2Another recent update has allowed customers to view information on every individual product. This has been well received by customers, drawing attention to the more technical products that previously lacked specifications and explanation. The result of this has been a decrease in customer enquiries via phone requesting specific product information – a direct and quantifiable improvement within the system.

“pleased to report a reduction in complaints/enquiries”

The nature of our business means that we don’t get a great deal of calls direct from our trade customers – unless we are doing it very wrong! An example of this would have been when our customers would mention that they could not see product trade prices without adding items to their shopping cart. The recent update rectified this and we are pleased to report a reduction in complaints/enquiries with regard to this.

“Aspin’s InterSell enables us to offer an extra level of service to our customers “

Here at Murrays, we attempt to keep the functionality of the website fairly simple for the customer. Knowing that we have a broad customer base that includes a range of parties with differing IT skills and preferences means we must accommodate those customers not quite so comfortable with ordering online. Aspin’s InterSell enables us to offer an extra level of service to our customers by replicating the products available as offered by our field based team. Having a B2B eCommerce platform driven by Navision also ensures that the website is always up-to-date with current stock levels. This is key to our processes and the level of service we promise to our trade customers – given the breadth of our product catalogue.

For more information on InterSell trade ordering solutions, please contact Aspin on 01794 500 200 or

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