New version of PixSell Image Manager

January 23, 2014 Aspin PixSell Tags: , , , 0 Comments
Presentation Image Manager v3.8 - Main Screen
Presentation Image Manager v3.8 – Main Screen


Aspin have released a new version of the PixSell Image Management tool.  This companion application is used by administrators to update key visual aspects of PixSell.

This tool offers users an unparalleled level of customisation within PixSell. Firstly, it gives the ability to update the presentation screen, amending both the functionality of the tiles as well as the graphics. This is of prime importance, as it is the first thing your customers will see when PixSell is used in a call. Secondly, new product images for the catalogue can be maintained, enabling the updating of images on a rep’s iPad in a seamless manner.  This helps to ensure that PixSell is continually able to fit in with dynamic and evolving sales and marketing requirements; for example when a new product range being launched, or you wish to target a specific season or show.

The new release of this tool comprises of many enhancements, including changes to how product images are presented to the user, new handling of duplicate images, and multiple item selection.  Also included with this release is brand new user documentation, making it clearer and easier for individuals to understand and use the tool to its full potential.

Existing PixSell administrators will already have received an email from Aspin with instructions on how to download the new tool.  For all other enquiries, please contact support to find out more.

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