Get to know InterSell — the ‘notify me’ module

July 24, 2018 Aspin Get to know InterSell, InterSell, News

Did you know that there are multiple ways to grow your InterSell trade website with your business? In a series of posts, we’ll be looking at the modules which you can put in place to maximise selling to your B2B trade customers. First up is the ‘notify me’ module.

What business pains does the ‘notify me’ module fix?

  • “My customer instead goes to a competitor for an item that they know is in stock.”
  • “I am concerned that my customer is unaware when a product they want becomes available.”

What can I expect from the ‘notify me’ module?

This module does what it says on the tin! The ‘notify me’ module gives your business the ability to alert your trade customers that a product of interest to them has come back into stock. This is done via an automated email to your customer.

Picture a customer on your website. They browse your products and add items to the basket. They notice that a regular item they purchase is currently out of stock — what do they do? They might select a substitute or associated item, based on your recommendation – or they might leave your website and visit one of your competitor’s sites. This is far from ideal.

With the arrival of the ‘notify me’ module – your customers can order this item as soon as it comes back into stock. Combine this with a feed of associated products to satisfy their need to order in the meantime, and you should expect to see less missed opportunities and competitors cashing in.

You can also personalise the email which will be sent to your customer once the product becomes available.

What does that module look like?

Here’s a screenshot from our demo site to show you how ‘notify me’ works:

What are the benefits to your business?

Clients who have added the ‘notify me’ module to their trade website have seen several benefits, including:

  1. Stronger working relationships with their trade customers due to improved communication and keeping customers informed.
  2. Increases in order values once items are back in stock – you didn’t lose the sale, it was just later than hoped.
  3. Strong customer retention – users will not divert to other websites.

Who currently uses this?Wicked Logo 2017_Lrg_CMYK

Fancy dress distributors Wicked Costumes have installed the ‘notify me’ module to ensure that their customers are always made aware of products coming back into stock. This is particularly important during peak seasonal trading including Halloween and Christmas.

“We want to keep our customers as informed as possible, and the ‘notify me’ feature is helping us to do that,” Jessica Rodger, Admin Assistant at Wicked told us: “Our customers love how they can place forward orders if they can see that an item is due in stock. This is crucial for them during busy periods. 

“Through our InterSell site, we constantly keep our customers in the loop — calls to head office have gone right down since we started using the ‘notify me’ module, giving our admin team more time to spend on other areas of the business.”

I’m interested, what do I do next?

For more information on how to implement the ‘notify me’ module on your InterSell site contact us here.