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One of the more frequent questions asked of the AMSolve support desk is why a picking list hasn’t printed. There are a number of things that you can check to see why this may be:

  1. Is there at least one line on the order with stock allocated? Stock must be allocated for a picking list to print. You can check this on the Review Sales Order by Order Number screen in Sales Order Enquiries.
  2. Is the customer account on hold? You can check this on the Customer Enquiry screen. Look for the On Hold / Status entries at the top right quarter of the screen.
  3. Is the customer account over credit limit? Again, this can be checked on the Customer Enquiry.
  4. Is the order status 0 or 1? Orders set to any other status will not print on most sites.
  5. Is the required date on the order earlier than the date you specified on the Print Picking Lists screen? N.B. You need to check both the order header and the lines.

If you’ve checked all these points and the picking list still won’t print, then give AMSolve support a call and we’ll help you find out what may be wrong!

So, you’ve got your picking list printed and you’re ready to confirm despatch! More often than not you just want to confirm the whole order without any amendments, but occasionally you might want to make a few changes. Maybe there are a couple of lines on the order that the warehouse couldn’t despatch, so you need to change the quantity invoiced. By answering “N” to “Confirm Whole Order Without Any Amendments”, you’ll get a display of the order on screen. You can move down the order and make any changes you deem necessary to the “To-Invoice” quantity before finally END-ing and allowing the system create your invoice.

Of course, you may not want to invoice anything at all, having decided that you need to make changes to the original order. Instead of moving down the Confirmation of Despatch screen and amending each “To-Invoice” quantity to zero (which can be laborious on larger orders!), you can use the ALL option. You can see if it is available by using the “?” function when you are at the “Enter Scroll Command or Line No. To Amend :” prompt.

If you choose ALL, you’ll be asked a question: “Change All “To-Invoice” Qtys To <Z>ero or To-<P>ick? <Z/P> :”. For this example, I’m going to confirm the order as not sent. Answering Z will change all “To-Invoice” quantities to zero. Then you just END out. You’ll be warned that there isn’t a quantity to invoice. Accept that, and also say “YES” to “Keep Stock on Back Order” if you want to be able to re-submit this order for picking. An invoice will not be generated, the order will be taken out of picking status and you will then be able to edit and print the picking list again!

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