Our Service Desk is ‘Business as Usual’

March 26, 2020 Aspin News, Staff Tags: , , , , , , , ,

With a large proportion of the world now in lock-down, and retailers and consumers only able to buy online, never has it been more important for B2B businesses to fully utilise their eCommerce capabilities.

With that in mind, our Service Desk remains open to help ensure our customers achieve the best they can during these difficult few months.

Remote working has always been possible, but only now has it become essential. After some personal effort on everyone’s part to get their remote-working spaces ready, moving everyone to working from home has been a relatively smooth process. 

Meet some of the Service Desk team working from home, and read Louis’ Top Tips for successful home working.


Alistair Sowerbutts

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The support line is redirecting to staff mobiles to support customers as usual, to make sure all calls are fielded. As far as email support goes, the whole process is working just as normal to the users and staff will respond in the usual fashion. It’s taken some planning and consideration to best replicate the Service Desk from remote locations and we’re really pleased to be able to maintain this valued service to our customers.”


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  • Sit by a window so you can see outside
  • Have your work area as separate as possible from where you sit normally at home, so it feels like you’re at work
  • Isolate yourself from any distractions (e.g. shut the door, radio off, etc)
  • Go out for a short walk at lunchtime, or if you have one, sit in your garden for 20 mins
  • When you’re done for the day, do something specific to signify the end of the workday (e.g. go for a run, take a shower, turn TV on, etc)


John Cork – Sporting his great smile

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 Aspin is using Microsoft Teams to communicate with each other. All emails are being picked up as normal and the support line is being diverted to members of the support staff working from home. Each person working from home has the ability to connect to the VPN and access everything as were in the office.”

Amongst the uncertainty and disruption we currently all face, we’re here and ready to support our customers. Later in the week, we’ll show you what our Sales & Marketing Team are up to.