“PixSell iPad ordering is a major cost saver” – Waterlyn

September 3, 2015 Aspin App Store PixSell reviews, PixSell Tags: , , , , , ,

Australian based greeting card distributor Waterlyn Cards have seen great reductions in cost since implementing PixSell iPad ordering for their sales agents. They’ve left us a fantastic PixSell app store review. 

“PixSell has been a giant leap forward for Waterlyn Cards and a major cost saver at gift fairs and in our everyday operations. We have eliminated selling stock that is not available, which reduces our data entry cost to zero and improves the customer’s experience when they visit our stand. Working on an iPad at trade fairs brings email to your fingertips so any time we need to contact head offices or colleagues, this can be resolved instantly.  In addition to this, 99% of queries from customers can be immediately answered. By the time we return from a show, many orders have already been shipped. Customers LOVE the service level we can provide.

We love PixSell.”

David Pursley, Managing Director – Waterlyn Cards.