PixSell iPad ordering: Version 2 available now on App Store

September 10, 2014 Aspin PixSell Tags: , , , , 0 Comments

PixSell v2.0 for sales reps has been released to the App Store and is available to download for free TODAY! Click on the banner above to get your hands on the demo version to test drive the new features and experience the new look PixSell immediately…
Some of the new features you’ll find in version 2:

  • Design, brand, colour and configure the presentation screen
  • Split the catalogue view to compare product collections
  • Associate products to help your reps cross-sell related lines
  • Use product videos to bring your individual lines to life
These are just some of the new features available. Download today to see for yourself!
PixSell enables sales reps and agents to present company and product information and take orders using customer specific pricing. If you have sales reps or agents on the road and think your sales could benefit from iPad ordering, why not give PixSell a test-drive? Thank you for downloading PixSell v2.0.
Aspin have specialised in improving sales performance since 1984 with their sales order processing focused applications for distribution companies

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