PixSell release notes

Version release 2.14.005, (February 20, 2020)

PixSell release 2.14.005 contains the following fixes:

  • This release resolves an issue where the wrong image may be shown in the catalogue under certain circumstances when running multiple companies.
Version release 2.14.004, (Jan 21, 2020)

PixSell release 2.14.004 contains the following update:

  • This release resolves an issue with PDF documents only displaying blank pages on iOS 12 or older (this issue did not occur on iPads running the latest iPadOS 13).
Version release 2.14.002, (September 4, 2019)

PixSell release 2.14.002 contains the following fixes:

  • This release fixes an issue which could occasionally cause the menu options to vanish. It also contains stability improvements with regards to the download of product images.

This release also contains general stability enhancements.

Version release 2.14.001, (June 5, 2019)

PixSell release 2.14.001 contains the following update:

  • Improved stock level detection for Sales Promotions The Promotions module will now make use of your existing “Out of Stock” warning configuration to provide the same functionality as in the catalogue. This will allow any product with a stock level that was already 0 in your latest export to be highlighted in red if this is configured to do so in the catalogue. Likewise, if you try to add more qualifying promotion products that are in stock, it will warn you and stop you adding this product if this is also configured to do so in the catalogue.

This release also contains general stability enhancements.

Version release 2.14.000, (May 3, 2019)

PixSell release 2.14.000 contains the following update:

  • This release contains stability and performance improvements; specifically with regards to 3 rd party code, the menu, presentation screen and signature pop-up size & appearance.
Version release 2.12.004, (Feb 2, 2019)

PixSell release 2.12.004 contains bug fixes to the following:

  • The street view photo of the customer location showed a grey square with an error instead. This was due to the Google Street View API no longer being available. This has therefore been removed.
  • Similarly, the in-app directions to a customer location were no longer working. Route finding now links to Apple Maps instead, with a button in the top left to go back to the PixSell app.
  • The outstanding orders reports for customers can be configured to include an option to add the outstanding quantity of products to an order. The ordered quantity was instead being added to the order. This has now been corrected.

What’s new in version 2.1 2 .003:

  • New Summary feature for the Plan Re-orders module The Plan Re-orders module can now be configured to include an option to display a Summary. This will show the number of lines, quantity ordered and total value.
Version release 2.12.003, (Jan 21, 2019)

PixSell release 2.12.003 contains bug fixes to the following:

  • The products and customers sometimes failed to load when changing company ID.
  • Template pricing in non-UK currencies was not propagating correctly to the basket.
  • When generating a quote and having added the items to the basket, it was impossible to subsequently amend some of the order header details.

What’s new in version 2.1 2 .003:

Note to PixSell administrators – Whilst we make every effort to thoroughly test each new release, there is always scope that upgrading without testing may have an adverse impact on your business processes.

Our advice is that you review this version before instructing users to upgrade. This will ensure minimal interruption to your PixSell services.

Testing advice & best practice – Please disable the automatic update of Apps from the App Store on all iPads using the PixSell application in a live environment. We would recommend that any new release is thoroughly tested before rolling out all iPads by processing examples transactions that confirm to your most common workflows – for example

Upgrade a single iPad and process a transaction that applies:

  • Line discounts
  • Order discounts
  • Suggested orders
  • Duplicate orders
  • Promotions
  • Multi-language/Multi-currency variants
  • Planned re-orders and In-store counts

If you have any queries or require any further information, please contact Aspin support.

Version release 2.12.002 (Nov 5, 2018)

PixSell release 2.12.002 contains bug fixes to the following:

  • PixSell will now prevent promotions being applied multiple times if configured to do so in the promotions spreadsheet.
  • Fixed a display issue in the Collections menu that would show the name of the selected promotion template underneath every single promotion header title.
  • Several missing warning messages have been restored
Version 2.12.001 (Aug 21, 2018)

PixSell release 2.12.001 includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes – including:

  • New functionality to compound accumulated discounts – There is now an option to compound accumulated discounts in the price matrix. Previously only additive accumulated discounts were possible.
  • Added link to Privacy Policy – There is now a link to our Privacy Policy at the bottom of the PixSell menu, or if you are using PixSell Agent at the bottom of the Company Selection pop-up window.
  • In certain circumstances, the app was sometimes closing down after performing a Full Sync.
  • When completing a prospect order with no reference entered, PixSell could sometimes crash.
  • The columns on some Sales Intelligence reports were misaligned.
  • When creating a customer site image, the bar at the bottom of the camera field of view was cropped and not centred.
  • After searching for a customer, the keyboard would not drop down, hiding some of the results unless manually minimised.
  • When accessing Customer Reports from the Dashboard, the contents of any PDF document generated would be blank unless the same customer was previously selected in the Customer section.
Version 2.12.000 (June 14, 2018)

PixSell release 2.12.000 includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes – including:

  • New Pricing Matrix Types – New Price Matrix types have been added to support template price/discount logic combinations.
  • Improvements to O/S Products Report – Within the Customer Dashboard, the O/S Products report has been updated to show the Next Delivery for each line, both in the report itself and in its PDF exports. The legibility and layout of the PDF and PDF with photos has also been improved.
  • In Plan Re-Orders, the view type “Images Only” was identical to “Images + Details” and still showing the text details.
  • For PixSell configurations with a lot of menu options, the info panel could sometimes hide part of the menu logo, and the logo could also hide part of the last menu item.
Version 2.10.006 (Feb 21, 2018)

PixSell release 2.10.006 is a bug fix release to the following –

  • When checking the orders in the sent items, the date stamp was sometimes incorrect.
  • When using slider spacing on the presentation screen, any rectangular tiles became narrower than they should be.
  • Fixed several causes of crashes and improved crash reporting to help minimise future app crashes.
Version 2.10.003 (Nov 6, 2017)

PixSell release version 2.10.003 contains bug fixes and iOS 11 compatibility improvements.

Version 2.10.002 (Aug 2, 2017)

PixSell release 2.10.002 includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes – including:

  • Changing companies using PixSell Agent didn’t always clear the Workflow configuration.
  • In Plan Re-Orders, updating the pocket quantity to 0 using the calculator (rather than deleting it) didn’t update the pocket display.
  • In portrait mode slides of images would display in such a way that the back button and page indicators were partially obscured.
  • If a presentation screen tile linking to a collection was not configured against an existing collection, the catalogue would display with a missing collection name. In such cases, when the tile is pressed PixSell will now show a “Configuration Alert” advising the tile action is not correctly configured.
  • The sort option in the Catalogue search wasn’t appearing until tapping out of the search filed and going back in.
  • Other screens could sometimes appear in the background of the Catalogue when quickly trying to open the Catalogue after opening an order or repeatedly pressing the Catalogue whilst a transaction is still loading.
  • The dashboard did not always reflect the same customer as the details list. The account number will now be used in the customer details data to prevent this.
  • The order lines in the Out Tray would sometimes cut off the bottom of the date below the product image.
  • An “Insufficient Stock” warning would in some circumstances be incorrectly displayed when stock was in fact sufficient.
  • PixSell would crash if a user disabled the camera permission from the PixSell settings but then attempted to use the camera icon in an order to scan a barcode. A message will now be displayed to advise the user to re-enable the camera permission if they wish to use this feature.
  • When in the Customer list, it’s possible to tap and hold on a prospect to bring up their details and edit them. If you don’t tap “Done” at the top right of the prospect window and instead tap outside it, the window was dismissed and trying to tap and hold on the prospect after that point didn’t bring up the details window anymore.
  • When cancelling a Customer Site Images sync, PixSell prompted you with “Cancel product image sync?”. This has now been corrected to read “Cancel site image sync?”.
  • When on the Customer List, the iPad didn’t go to sleep, even with a 2 minute Auto-Lock set in Settings / Display & Brightness.
  • In-store Counts were not adding quantities correctly when scanning barcodes.
  • Having selected a prospect account, attempting to start an In-store Count displayed the message “In-store Counts not allowed for prospects” and tapping OK would cause PixSell to crash.
  • Fixed several other causes of crashes and improved crash reporting to help minimise future app crashes.
Version 2.10.001 (Jun 5, 2017)

PixSell release 2.10.001 includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes – including:

This version addresses issues experienced by some users with product and site images delivered via cloud services.

Version 2.10.000 (May 16, 2017)

PixSell release 2.10.000 includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes – including:


  • All Skoo DAM assets will now adopt a batched download, with batch sizes configurable against file sizes rather than file counts.

Customer Site Images

  • Customer Site Images are now supported on Skoo DAM.


  • When adding items from an existing order in the Out Tray the activity in progress indicator will no longer be persistently displayed.
  • In some instances, the alignment of generic data field displays became misaligned when switching between the Out Tray and alternative navigation menu options. This is now resolved.
Version 2.8.001 (Apr 20, 2017)

PixSell release 2.8.001 includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes – including:


  • The Extended Presentation screen now supports paging
  • When expanding a header tile at the end of a long presentation slider, the slider now moves slightly to the left to make it clear to users that sub tiles have appeared
  • The Customer arrow in the menu info panel will no longer show when no order is started
  • Fix to pop-over controls sometimes causing crashes when the iPad was rotated
  • Resolved scrolling and resizing issues with collection window

Plan Reorders

  • Option to change the default interface so that every tap adds a pack instead of a tap adding a pocket and a second tap removing it


  • Resolved an issue where a long list of products in the Out Tray would overlap the top of the Full Sync and Send Only buttons


  • Resolved an issue where some activity field calendars would not allow users to select a date
  • Resolved an issue with a dialog box not fully showing when the iPad is in portrait


  • Addressed an issue where Dashboard Reports could sometimes cause PixSell to freeze
Version 2.8.000 (Mar 23, 2017)

PixSell release 2.8.000 includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes – including:


  • Ability to open MS Office documents from Presentation screen tiles
  • Ability to “Tap to Cancel” Full Sync at “Product Image Sync – Checking” stage
  • Fixed UI overlay issue when tapping the shortcut to the Catalogue or Product List twice in quick succession
  • Stability improvements to Also Bought functionality
  • Changed Hide Counted Product UI label


Workflow is a brand new module allowing some control over the sequence in which processing happens within PixSell. For example using workflow control it is possible to trigger the entry of a specific form when a specific activity is started, to require a stock count before an order or to automatically display a confirmation after an order. For more information about Workflow and how to configure it to meet your specific needs, please speak to your account manager.


  • Ability to Block Further Discounts


  • Ability to scan barcodes using the iPad’s rear camera
  • Ability to specify Minimum Order Quantity by Order Type
  • Ability to specify Days to delivery by Order Type

Customer Site Images

  • Fix to still images sometimes vanishing
  • Fix to dim customer images by only allowing the camera button to be enabled (blue) when the image is clear and in focus


  • Charting axis now taking all points into account
  • Fix to misaligned axis and end labels in charting
  • Enhancements to PixSell O/S Products Reports
Version 2.6.005 (Nov 07, 2016)

PixSell release 2.6.005 includes bug fixes and feature enhancements – including:


  • Support for non-ASCII/WinLatin1 Product image file names
  • Multiple fixes and performance enhancements when syncing to Skoo DAM


  • Fix to function of additional numeric Keypad for Sundry and Message order lines
  • Fixes to Sundry Template items in iOS 10

Activity Module

  • Fix to Activity Notes sometimes being lost
Version 2.6.004 (Sep 14, 2016)

PixSell release 2.6.004 includes bug fixes and feature enhancements – including:


  • Fix to Transaction Summary display


  • Fix to Order Confirmations
  • Improvements to closing order warning levels

Sales Intelligence Module

  • Addition of “Open In” button

Plan Re-Order Module

  • Fixes to pockets highlighting and quantity calculations
Version 2.6.003 (Aug 07, 2016)

PixSell release 2.6.003 includes bug fixes and feature enhancements – such as:


  • Enhancement to Promotions module – additions of ‘Each’ type transactions (types 8 & 9) now supported
  • Enhancement to Promotions module – promotion types now support pack quantities
  • Option to hide counted items form catalogue during stock count


  • Improvements to the catalogue, final order discounting and carriage charge functionality


  • Skoo sync timing performance improvements
  • Stability enhancements and general improvements
Version 2.6.002 (Jul 09, 2016)

Ability to confirm entry and exit from Exhibitions during a Sync re-instated.

Version 2.6.001 (Jul 06, 2016)

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 2.6.000 (Jul 04, 2016)

PixSell release 2.6.000 contains compatibility changes to accommodate asset distribution using the Aspin SkooCloud services (DAM) and well as other bug fixes and feature enhancements – including:


  • Performance improvements when syncing large number of images with SkooCloud DAM.


  • New option to determine whether value, volume or weight is used to calculate the shipping charges.
  • New Credit module option to allow scanning of a barcode to determine quantity.
  • Option for Pricing Matrix lookup to work on header delivery date instead of current date.


  • PixSell now includes the ability to present multiple bars/lines in a single chart. This expands the volume of data that can be conveyed.

Catalogue and Presentation

  • Custom font now replaced with standard iOS system font.
Version 2.4.006 (Apr 25, 2016)

PixSell release 2.4.006 contains usability improvements, stability enhancements and compatibility changes to work with the latest devices (iPad Pro).


  • PixSell will identify new 9.7 inch iPad Pro devices
  • SKOO Presentation Video sync stage hang/crash resolved
  • Diagnostic package can now be uploaded to proxy server
  • PDF engine THUMBNAILs corrected


  • Leading and trailing spaces removed from user entries
  • Images to indicate tagged products realigned
  • Plan Replacements and Grids Freetypes & Generics enhanced
  • Held transaction lines retained when Promotions are active


  • Alternative delivery address count corrected in Order and Credit headers

Catalogue and Presentation

  • Also Bought functionality will now ignore products marked as ‘Dead’
  • Delivery date warnings corrected
Version 2.4.005 (Mar 11, 2016)

Fixed the Catalogue’s speed degradation noticed in 2.4.004

Version 2.4.004 (Mar 3, 2016)

This release contains minor visual improvements and fixes.

Version 2.4.003 (Dec 21, 2015)

PixSell release 2.4.003 contains usability improvements, stability enhancements, and compatibility changes to work with new iPad Pro devices.


• More efficient data processing for background data in both single and multi-company configurations
• Modification to calendar processing (diary entries) following imports – entries better match current customers assigned to the Rep (or appropriate shares)
• Improved fault diagnosis enabled as an application setting
• App correctly identifies iPad Pro devices as part of the package upload cycle


• Improved usability when in ‘Kiosk’ mode. Order Header view now displays a greater number of product lines
• Replacement products now stored for Plan Re-orders
• improved alignment of ‘calculator’ buttons.
• Use of the parameter that sets the default Order/Credit season code from the Customer’s restriction Code field stabilised


• Prospects functionality re-instated

Catalogue & Presentation

• Dead products are now excluded from template sliders (Extended Presentation)
• Catalogue/list replacement fields specifying RRP do not display results when no customer selected
• Product description searches are omitted from search routine where language translation is enabled and parameter settings active.

Reporting and Analysis

• Report column headers remain aligned if link buttons are displayed on individual report lines

Version 2.4.002 (Nov 21, 2015)

This update contains minor improvements and fixes.

Version 2.4.001 (Oct 19, 2015)

Release 2.4.001 includes further enhancements to our recent 2.4 release resulting in a smoother, more intuitive experience for PixSell users. This release also includes further compatibility improvements with iOS 9, in addition to other minor bug fixes.

• Improved presentation of the iPad status bar indicating device properties
• Improved screen redraws when switching between other apps
• Background fetch data now presents the up-to-date stock availability
• PixSell product image information buttons are now consistently visible

• The History button has been re-enabled (offering a seven day summary)

• Improved handling of drop-down menus in the Prospect’s details pop-up

Catalogue & Presentation
• PixSell presentation tiles are now fully visible when switching back to the Presentation screen from the Catalogue

Planned re-orders
• Stability improvements when viewing pockets in planned re-orders

Version 2.4.000 (Sep 18, 2015)

Release 2.4 includes upgrades to the PixSell pricing functionality (now supports advanced customer/product pricing schemes), new best pricing logic and the ability to receive and process stock levels more frequently. PixSell now also supports several popular feature enhancement requests to Prospects including an Exhibition Scanning feature.

We are also delighted to announce the release of PixSell Agent, a multi-company configuration module offering PixSell users the option to manage more than one company configuration on a single iPad.

This release also contains further developments to the Sales Intelligence (SI) module, in addition to usability enhancements (audio feedback when adding items to the basket) & other minor bug fixes.

Last but not least, PixSell 2.4 includes the API integration with the Skoo DAM (Digital Asset Manager). This is the first module in Aspin’s new SkooCloud environment. The Skoo DAM provides cloud storage for PixSell images, videos and document files.

New Module

• PixSell Agent – a multi-company configuration module


• DataBridge issued user deletion
• Improvements to the PixSell Product Image reports on start-up
• Improvements to screen redraws when rotating the device


• Enhanced Customer/Product Pricing Matrix
• Background stock update
• Best Pricing logic
• Enhanced user feedback when adding items to basket – Audio


• Additional fields now added to Prospects entry form
• PixSell Prospect field list configuration
• Exhibition scanning feature
• Select Prospect prompt
• DataBridge Prospect export
• DataBridge Prospect upload

Catalogue & Presentation

• Improved user feedback when adding items to an open order. Now plays sound indicating action complete during the sales order workflow

Reporting and Analysis

• Improvements to the layout and sort order of the O/S Products report – now sorted by order and product code
• Enhanced Sales Intelligence reporting features

Version 2.2.002 (Aug 07, 2015)

PixSell release 2.2.002 contains improved usability changes simplifying sales order entry workflow(s), presentation enhancements (offering PixSell administrators more control over the ‘look & feel’ of the PixSell App), and introduces of the new Sales Intelligence (SI) module which empowers users to analyse customer spending behaviours, establish patterns and spot trends in order to maximise every opportunity.

New Modules

• Sales Intelligence (SI) module


• Refined Twitter feed polling
• Improvements to the PixSell Product Image reports
• Enhanced feedback when using the Customer Site Images module


• Post Order discounts workflow revision

Catalogue & Presentation

• Ampersand (&) characters now supported in Extended Presentation configuration
• Improved Single View image functionality for additional images
• All default font colours now supported when configuring the Transaction Summary display