PixSell version 1.2.083 AppStore release

January 28, 2014 Aspin PixSell 0 Comments

2014-01-28 11.25.57

PixSell version 1.2.083 has been released to the App Store. This is a major PixSell release, with some significant new functionality.

This includes a new reporting tool, that allows Aspin to deploy business specific reporting/analysis on a project by project basis, and also extend the number of standard reports available. These reports can either customer account specific or based on the reps territory. Furthermore the information can be presented either as standard alpha/numeric or in a variety of graphical formats. This data can also be exported to other applications using the standard iOS ‘Open In’ or exported in a CSV format.

We have also extended our existing support for foreign language and further streamlined both barcode scanning and printing to improve efficiency of the field sales process.

Full details of the latest release are below:


  • New report generator for customised reporting
  • Export reports to other apps as a CSV file
  • Export PDF confirmations to other apps using iOS ‘Open In’ function


  • Dispatch date validation by order type
  • New parameter to allow automatic reset of catalogue filters when starting or closing an order

Barcode Scanning

  • When barcode scanning products, tapping ‘Order’ button returns focus to barcode field
  • New parameter to prevent auto accumulation of product quantities when barcode scanning into existing lines of an order


  • Customer ‘Update Forms’ can now be viewed from the customer record
  • Generate PDF order confirmations for historical orders

Plan Re-orders

  • Grid templates


  • Printer selection saved between transactions
  • Improved DropBox client performance
  • When using foreign language filter drop-down lists now sorted by translated text
  • If using multiple pages of presentation screen tiles, you can now return directly back to page one with a single tap

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