PixSell version 2.10.002 to be released onto the App Store

July 31, 2017 Aspin PixSell

The latest update of PixSell, version 2.10.002 will be released onto the App Store on Wednesday August 2 2017. The update includes a range of enhancements and bug fixes, to ensure that users get the best out of their catalogue app when capturing customer orders.

For those not familiarised with how PixSell works, the app can be downloaded and then tested in demo mode, where you are able to create a mock customer order.

The new version will be released by 1pm in the UK, 8am EDT in North America and late evening in Australia. We would advise all users to review this update before installing.

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Changing companies using PixSell Agent didn’t always clear the Workflow configuration.
  • In Plan Re-Orders, updating the pocket quantity to 0 using the calculator (rather than deleting it) didn’t update the pocket display.
  • In portrait mode slides of images would display in such a way that the back button and page indicators were partially obscured.
  • If a presentation screen tile linking to a collection was not configured against an existing collection, the catalogue would display with a missing collection name. In such cases, when the tile is pressed PixSell will now show a “Configuration Alert” advising the tile action is not correctly configured.
  • The sort option in the Catalogue search wasn’t appearing until tapping out of the search filed and going back in.
  • Other screens could sometimes appear in the background of the Catalogue when quickly trying to open the Catalogue after opening an order or repeatedly pressing the Catalogue whilst a transaction is still loading.
  • The dashboard did not always reflect the same customer as the details list. The account number will now be used in the customer details data to prevent this.
  • The order lines in the Out Tray would sometimes cut off the bottom of the date below the product image.
  • An “Insufficient Stock” warning would in some circumstances be incorrectly displayed when stock was in fact sufficient.
  • PixSell would crash if a user disabled the camera permission from the PixSell settings but then attempted to use the camera icon in an order to scan a barcode. A message will now be displayed to advise the user to re-enable the camera permission if they wish to use this feature.
  • When in the Customer list, it’s possible to tap and hold on a prospect to bring up their details and edit them. If you don’t tap “Done” at the top right of the prospect window and instead tap outside it, the window was dismissed and trying to tap and hold on the prospect after that point didn’t bring up the details window anymore.
  • When cancelling a Customer Site Images sync, PixSell prompted you with “Cancel product image sync?”. This has now been corrected to read “Cancel site image sync?”.
  • When on the Customer List, the iPad didn’t go to sleep, even with a 2 minute Auto-Lock set in Settings / Display & Brightness.
  • In-store Counts were not adding quantities correctly when scanning barcodes.
  • Having selected a prospect account, attempting to start an In-store Count displayed the message “In-store Counts not allowed for prospects” and tapping OK would cause PixSell to crash.
  • Fixed several other causes of crashes and improved crash reporting to help minimise future app crashes.

Why not download PixSell on the App Store and see for yourself? Download PixSell here.

If you have any queries on the latest PixSell update, contact us here. Alternatively contact Aspin Support on 01794 500 200.