Bonds Confectionery


iPad ordering for sales reps

  • Enabled Bonds to have control over their product promotions
  • Helped Bonds vision for the sales team become a reality
  • Inserted a lot more process into the Bonds selling strategy
  • Delivered a solution that the reps took to like ‘ducks to water’

Sweeter selling for Bonds Confectionery with PixSell

When Bonds came to update their order taking system in 2014, they had a certain level of expectation within their requirement. Fast forward to 2018, and Aspin have surpassed those expectations and the 30 strong mobile sales team employed by Bonds are visiting their retail customers to take orders with PixSell iPad ordering.

Transitioning the team of Territory Sales Managers from digital pens and paper based tasks to an iPad based system was quite an undertaking for Bonds. There was doubt for the uptake of the Territory Sales Managers which could easily upset productivity in the field and this was a process Bonds wanted to handle very sensitively. With on-site training as part of the implementation package offered by Aspin, the Bonds Territory Sales Managers have taken to PixSell like ‘ducks to water’ which Bonds are delighted about. The system has provided each Sales Manager with the ability to present products via professional digital art work, and take orders adhering to Bonds promotional business model – thanks to the Promotions module.

PixSell prompts the sales person to offer any promotional items

Within the Promotions module in PixSell, head office can create, manage and administer promotional ‘buy get’ deals to the territory iPads. PixSell will then prompt the sales person to offer any promotional items that the customer may be eligible for, based on qualifying items in the basket. Bonds suggest this has inserted a lot more process into their selling strategy and gives head office more control over the product promotion and selling methodology that they operate. In addition, the Territory Sales Managers can pick and choose which promotions and items they push to the customer making for a more tailored and appropriate sales call.

Giving office staff more hours in the day to concentrate on other tasks

Back at Bonds headquarters, PixSell has reduced administrative labour giving office staff more hours in the day to concentrate on other tasks. They too, have seen an increase in process when it comes to administering marketing and product information to the sales team succinctly and accurately. In the field, the Territory Sales Managers had seen a speed up in process and reduction in mail costs as they left behind the paper based processes of years gone by.

PixSell will evolve with us and we are extremely glad

“Nothing is too much for the people at Aspin”, came Bonds response to our question, “how is it working with Aspin?” Needless to say, we are overjoyed to have cemented another strong and rewarding business relationship with a reputable brand. As for the future of Bonds and PixSell, “that is the beauty of it – PixSell will evolve with us and we are extremely glad to have invested in the system. We had a vision” said Bonds, “and you’ve done it”.