Citizen Watch


iPad ordering for sales reps

  • Placed Citizen at the fore of technology in their sector
  • Given both head office and sales reps confidence in their product and brand
  • PixSell fits Citizen’s key business objectives

Citizen Watch also use InterSell

Time to get the Citizen reps onto PixSell

Back in the summer of 2012, Citizen invited Aspin to their Wokingham offices to demonstrate PixSell in response to their requirement for a tablet based field sales solution. The rest is history.

Now utilising 20 PixSell user licences for field order capture and stock count, and having recently gone live with InterSell B2B eCommerce, Aspin caught up with Citizen’s Finance and IT Director Brian Gillingham to see how Aspin’s products and services have benefited their business processes in the last year.

PixSell meets our specific requirements

Keen to know what attracts our clients to Aspin, we asked Brian why Citizen proceeded with Aspin as their provider. “Having seen three suppliers, we felt that PixSell best met our specific requirements, rather than on a vast global scale – PixSell fitted our key business objectives, we didn’t have to fit the software.” Prior to the reps using PixSell, Citizen were far more paper driven in the field, with the sales team using aged hardware combined with paper based processes.

PixSell accommodates differing call objectives across all sales people

Citizen decided it was high time to move the team and their daily activities into the 21st century with an all encompassing tablet based system. “We were looking for an incorporated system, accommodating differing call objectives across the sales persons and merchandisers employed in the field”, Brian recalls, “with the ability to take photos and pass those back to head office being a strong requirement.” The area sales team take stock, orders, and obtain business intelligence, whilst the merchandisers are predominantly CRM driven and perform stock takes.

Equally, the system would need to deploy all of these capabilities and directly import the data for order processing and interrogation back at head office. Aspin were able to meet these requirements with PixSell. Furthermore, Citizen felt Aspin gave the best presentation and in January 2013, the Citizen reps went live with the application.

Post implementation, Brian has some very complimentary words for PixSell. Aspin asks, “what value has PixSell brought to your field sales team and their retail visits?”

“PixSell has not only given Citizen Watch the confidence that their reps are capturing accurate data in the field but also provided a system that incorporates all key objectives into one device.” Indeed, the reps’ ability to perform all required activities using this one application, Brian tells us, is truly brilliant, putting us at the fore of technology with our customers, and enabling the Citizen Reps to perform as professionally as possible.

Combining PixSell and InterSell for brand awareness

November 2013 saw the Citizen B2B eCommerce platform go live which has received some great feedback both internally and externally. Whilst Citizen are delighted with the look and feel of the site corresponding with their global brand and image, customers are impressed with the ability to review order histories that predate the platform and describe the new website as being fresh and contemporary.

Looking at Citizen’s branded editions of PixSell and InterSell B2B eCommerce, with their references to Watch Brand of the year, and it’s not difficult to see why the Citizen reps, their PixSell app and the InterSell site are such a hit with jewellery and watch retailers.