B2B eCommerce

  • Provided a positive application for the business
  • Strengthened each product with description and narratives
  • Worked together to achieve exactly what Enesco ‘wanted’

InterSell is positive for Enesco figures… and figurines

Enesco is renowned worldwide for innovative and humorous gifts, stylish home décor and desirable collectables.  Getting more collections into more high street retailers, and faster, has been a key driver for Enesco and going live with InterSell in 2014 has provided results.

Self-service for retail buyers

Aspin’s InterSell is a self-service website for B2B retail buyers to place their orders, whenever they wish, without waiting for their next visit from a sales rep. Enesco also use their InterSell site to keep end consumers informed. Christine Jones, Director of Customer Relations at Enesco told us she is “pleased with the amount of orders received to date through InterSell.” adding “InterSell can only be positive for Enesco.

Improving Enesco’s business processes with InterSell

We asked David Philippou, Enesco’s Global Technology Director, how InterSell has improved their business processes. “InterSell showcases our products, and allows our retailers to place orders online.

When asked what the most useful function within InterSell is for Enesco, Helen Shield, Enesco’s Director of Marketing said “For me it is the ease in which our consumers and retail customers can now view our entire collection including any offers and promotions. We now have the ability to ‘sell’ individual products via the narratives, explain packaging and any other key selling features. Being able to view by recipient (husband, daughter) and occasion (Easter, Christmas) is also a fantastic facility as well as the related product feature. We have spent many man hours generating this data and it has been well worth it.

Retailer listing function (where to buy)

For the general public viewing the Enesco website, the collections are displayed and categorised with intuitive navigation. The retailer listing function has received praise from David, who told us it had had a positive impact on business processes at Enesco as it “directs consumers towards retailers who stock the collections they are interested in.

A long partnership

When asked why Enesco initially looked at InterSell from Aspin, David told us “We’d had great success with MiniSell, and we knew Aspin provided great support and had continued to innovate in our sector. We were also able to reuse the majority of the existing MiniSell interface with our back end systems.” He went on to add “we were also confident that Aspin would provide excellent implementation and ongoing support. Aspin listen to us and work with us in partnership to discover exactly what we want, and the team really put the effort into ensuring that their product is a success.

Helen added “Everyone I deal with is friendly, efficient and helpful with a no nonsense approach.” And Christine said “I have always praised Aspin on the professionalism and speed at answering queries. Aspin work well with Enesco’s team to understand our requirements.