Half Moon Bay


iPad ordering for sales reps

  • Bridged the gap between sales reps and account information
  • Delivered a system that became part of the HMB sales strategy
  • Built a rewarding professional relationship

Half Moon Bay’s “combination of sales reps and iPad ordering ensures maximisation in the marketplace”

For Half Moon Bay, Aspin have certainly demonstrated their worth, as the Bath based wholesaler of licensed and themed giftware prepares to launch their third piece of Aspin software to process their B2B orders.

Aspin clients since 2009, Half Moon Bay have used our software to take orders in the field, and will see their brand new B2B ordering website reach customers imminently. For the sales reps however, PixSell is the word – with products, customers, pricing and ordering ability combined into one iPad app – you can guarantee that as we talk to them, Half Moon Bay are waxing lyrical about the benefits.

“Trust Aspin”

Back in 2009, Half Moon Bay started using Aspin’s MiniSell ordering system – a system they described as “cutting edge in the industry” however, with the development of tablets both Aspin and indeed Half Moon Bay were aware that so much more could be done visually. Half Moon Bay describe the uptake of iPad ordering with Aspin as a “natural progression as we trust Aspin to deliver on taking our business forward”.

“Unparalleled flexibility”

PixSell is the modern version of our catalogue – one with added functionality to review customers’ order history, buying trends and most importantly take orders in the field. The catalogue can be sorted and filtered in different ways to suit the customer and provides un-paralleled flexibility for our reps to present multiple photos, videos, range presentations and much more. PixSell enables us to give thorough customer experiences for our retail customers. Our customers are continually impressed with the level of information we can provide and the depth of the catalogue during meetings – this certainly enhances their experience and perception of Half Moon Bay.

“Orders flow seamlessly”

Behind the scenes, PixSell reads Half Moon’s back office to give the reps insight into each account history and the products to sell. “Our reps know how much stock there is in our warehouse and when deliveries are due. In addition, having order history to hand provides sales call guidance and direction to the reps as they lead their meetings.” The sales reps at Half Moon Bay are an important part of their sales and marketing process. “They enable us to provide a personal and professional service to our nationwide customer base, recommending the appropriate products for the types of stores they visit. Once the sales reps have done their bit, orders flow seamlessly into our back office and enable us to pack and send stock directly to our customers both accurately and as soon as possible. Indeed, the flexibility and power of PixSell has enabled it to become a key part of our sales strategy.”

“Helpful, personable and thorough”

Finally, we asked Half Moon Bay to describe their relationship with Aspin. “Aspin are an experienced team and have been trading for over 30 years. I have always found each member of the team to be helpful, personable and thorough to deal with. You can tell Aspin pride themselves on the level of customer service they provide but most importantly they deliver and implement systems that work. Their understanding of the sales process and customer journey ensures they are a perfect partner for our business. We look forward to building on our existing relationship with Aspin as we continue to grow our business”.