Lesser & Pavey


B2B eCommerce

  • Delivered a responsive site for customers to access 24/7 on all devices
  • Reduced phone/email orders at head office so time/money can be invested elsewhere
  • 24/7 responsive functionality has seen a rise in out-of-hours ordering and increased sales

Lesser & Pavey gifted with a responsive eCommerce trade website

Lesser & Pavey were looking for a responsive trade website to serve customers during all hours and maximise the chance to sell. Recognised as a leading UK supplier of home and giftware to the trade, Lesser & Pavey have been Aspin clients since 2003 and use InterSell and PixSell. With an arsenal of over 3,500 products to offer retailers, they needed an online platform and reliable vendor to present their collection online and capture orders.

“A strong working relationship”

After first using Aspin’s handheld solution MiniSell, Lesser & Pavey were already well-versed with the workings of Aspin, before choosing InterSell. “We were very familiar with Aspin’s approach and professional attitude”, IT Manager Ian Barclay told us. “This made the choice to adopt InterSell a simple one. Once we saw it in action for the first time, it was an easy sell.”

Integration with a bespoke back office system.

Integration with Lesser & Pavey’s bespoke back office system was vital for a successful project to ensure that product lines and information are updated regularly. Lesser & Pavey also use PixSell, meaning that information needs to be passed through to both their sales reps in the field as well as the InterSell site. “The smooth integration with our back office system makes it very easy to update the website”, Ian said. “We update the system each day to ensure that our trade customers can see the latest product attributes and are fully aware of any promotions or offers. With the integration, the information is fed straight to the site.”

“The website is easy to navigate and looks very professional”

A redesign of the Lesser & Pavey website was launched in January 2017. The driving force behind the project was to make the site responsive so it could be viewed across multiple platforms. This ensures that trade customers can make purchases using any device. “The new website is easy to navigate and looks very professional,” Ian said. “Customers have commented on its ease of use. We wanted to refresh the design of the site and I believe we have achieved this.”

“A rise in out-of-hours ordering”

With a trade website, Lesser & Pavey customers are more self-sufficient and can view the business’s entire collection which has helped to increase sales. “In particular, we have seen a significant rise in out of hour orders”, Ian said. “The website puts our customers more in control where they can see stock levels and detailed product information and attributes. This frees up a lot of time at head office as the admin team don’t have to process each order.”

“Support is regular and the Aspin team are very flexible”

Regular contact between the Lesser & Pavey team and Aspin has ensured that the InterSell project was and continues to be a success. “It works well both ways in regards to development and maintenance”, Ian said. “Whenever we suggest ideas for improvements Aspin are very flexible. We are very pleased with the regular support from the InterSell team; all queries are responded to very quickly. Their support and back-up certainly doesn’t stop at launch.”