iPad ordering for sales reps

  • Brought field sales online, eliminating the need for orders to be taken via pen and paper
  • Equipped the Sales Manager’s with the tools to monitor and compare individual rep performance
  • Heavily reduced admin time at head office with orders automatically transferred from the iPad

LG Harris report record delivery times with PixSell iPad ordering

When decorating distributors LG Harris envisioned an ordering system which would propel their sales team into the modern day, Aspin delivered. Since launching PixSell at Spring Fair in 2017, reports are positive, with the 15 strong Harris sales reps embracing the transition to digital order catalogues via an iPad.

Digital ordering takes over

For Harris, moving the sales team away from taking orders via pen and paper in the field was a bold move, driven by the need to automate the way they had been working. Prior to implementing PixSell, orders would need to be faxed or posted back to head office, causing delays in processing. The reps are now able to create an instant order acknowledgement, enabling quicker delivery times and also allowing more time for more customer visits. “There was initially some reluctance from our reps to adopt a new order capture system”, Head of Customer Service at LG Harris Rachel Howard told us. “After being reassured on the benefits of PixSell they have now embraced the software and see it as a real asset to their jobs. It has made life much easier for everyone as orders are processed without error and within a quicker delivery time.”

“More accurate decisions can be made by the sales reps at the order capture point”

Integration with Harris’ Sage back office system and PixSell means that product availability and information is updated each evening, ready for the rep to go out in the field the next day. Giving the reps live stock visibility has ensured that they are familiar with which products are available before and during the sales call. “With PixSell, our reps are able to make more accurate decisions”, Rachel said. “Having up-to-date information to hand helps prompt the rep to up-sell certain slow moving products in addition to the items which are on the order. There is now no requirement for the rep to contact head office to check on stock availability. At head office we are able to monitor our sales team’s daily activity. With this we can view individual customer and prospect accounts and look at how each rep is performing. We can look at customer sales history and our own stock levels which is invaluable and saves a lot of time.”

“Training and support from Aspin has ensured that the launch of PixSell and beyond has been successful”

Getting the Harris reps up to speed with PixSell was essential before going live at Spring Fair. As part of the implementation process offered by Aspin, sales team training was provided as well as ongoing support at the show to ensure a successful launch. “We are very pleased that the system has gone live”, Rachel said. “We had a big task on our hands to launch at a major trade show but training and support levels have been excellent. We are happy with the impact that PixSell has had on our sales team so far and look forward to its continued development.”