B2B eCommerce

  • Increased available resource at Nevis head office
  • Provided intricate product knowledge that will filter through each stage of sale and reach the end consumer
  • Delivered a project that was ‘enjoyable from start to finish’

Nevis Marketing pick up speed with InterSell

Nevis Marketing “the very best in motorcycle helmets, clothing, boots, gloves and accessories”  – as demonstrated very clearly on their recently launched InterSell B2B eCommerce website.

So what is it about Nevis Marketing, distributor of motorcycle accessories that gives them the edge over their competitors and how do they know they have that edge? Aspin spoke to Dan Wretham, Marketing Manager, at Nevis to try and get a better understanding of their success and how InterSell will contribute to that.

Increase in head office resource

Our new InterSell site has been described as ‘the best motorcycle website in the industry’ and thanks to the specification heavy product descriptions available against each line, customers are able to access intricate product details at any time of the day from their own office.” With self-sufficient customers that can view stock levels, pricing and rich content on the website, Nevis have seen an increase in available resource at head office as customers are less inclined to require assistance with their ordering – thanks to InterSell.

Keep trade customers as informed as possible

Due to the nature of many Nevis products – product description and specification have been real drivers throughout the website implementation and are exactly the kind of information required by Nevis’ trade customers whilst placing orders. “We need transferable knowledge that will filter through each stage of sale and reach the end consumer – information such as material, size, product care guidelines, product performance are all key factors. We strive to keep our trade customers as informed as possible and our InterSell B2B website and content management system enables us to do so.”

Finally, we wanted to ask Nevis how they would describe their experience with Aspin throughout the implementation. “What a fantastic bunch, no problem is ever too big or too small and the project has been enjoyable from start to finish.”