Oxford Products


iPad ordering for sales reps

  • Implemented a successful training process to ensure all 26 reps were up to speed with PixSell
  • Heavily reduced the number of calls between the rep and head office – allowing for more time to be allocated elsewhere in the business
  • Improved the relationship between the rep and customer with more time spent at each sales call

Oxford Products also use InterSell

Oxford Products sales reps geared up to take large orders with PixSell iPad ordering

For motorcycle parts distributors Oxford Products, streamlining the ordering process between the field sales team and head office was a key driver when choosing PixSell. Alongside implementing an InterSell trade website, they are seeing positive results in all areas when shifting products both online; and via an iPad.

“Live information in the field has reduced ordering errors”

Before adopting PixSell in 2015, the Oxford sales team would be in regular contact with head office to clarify stock levels and pricing – proving an arduous task for head office staff to communicate the correct information back to each rep. Now, the reps are able to view live product information, instantly creating an order to go back to head office. “As orders are entered in the field with the customer, there is less possibility of introducing human error.” IT Manager at Oxford Products Chris Hughes told us. “Our sales team can now create an order with the correct pricing information, knowing that products are in stock. Being able to then send it back to head office saves us a huge amount of time and eliminates complications when deciphering handwriting!”

“We are processing more orders with less staff whilst improving on accuracy”

Behind the scenes, a successful integration with Oxford Products back office system Access Dimensions ensures that up-to-date information is given to the rep, prior to going out in the field. With a sales team of 26 covering the UK, product information is synced every 4 hours to ensure that each rep is on top of current pricing and stock levels.

“The sales team can spend more time with the customer”

Oxford Products attribute a more fluid interaction with the customer to PixSell, giving the sales team the maximum opportunity to sell. With an extensive product range displayed on the iPad, the rep is equipped with the tools to up-sell alternative products more effectively. “Since the reps migrated to PixSell, the sales team can concentrate on showing customers different items in stock at that moment,” Chris said. “With access to individual customer reports, the rep can look at their order history and then make decisions on other products to push. This helps to reduce back orders and gives us bigger orders.”

“Training has proved essential”

For the Oxford sales team, adapting to a new ordering system was made easier through hands on training provided by Aspin support. Becoming familiar with PixSell has meant that each rep is more confident when selling out on the road. “When launching PixSell we had a wide range of users from the ‘IT savvy’ to those less confident with the system,” Chris said. “PixSell is flexible enough so that now each rep can use it to their own advantage since training has taken place. It is refreshing to see the different ways that they are getting the most from the app.”

“Since working with Aspin we are very happy with the service they provide. Their friendly team have always been on hand to offer advice during the implementation phase, and beyond, when we went live with the system.”

Many thanks to Chris Hughes at Oxford Products for his comments.