Really Good


B2B eCommerce

  • Delivered a solution that cut costs on manpower and printing
  • Enabled export customers to order at the agreed price
  • Reinforced a positive and rewarding working partnership

Really Good also use MiniSell

Really Good’s suite of InterSell websites live up to company name


Positivity springs to mind when Really Good and Aspin discuss their working partnership. Clients of Aspin since 2011, the Abingdon based giftware and stationery business utilise InterSell B2B eCommerce and MiniSell handheld ordering for their sales reps – both applications developed, deployed and supported by Aspin. The InterSell sites, of which there are three, have been live for a couple of months and the project teams at both companies are in full swing putting PixSell iPad ordering live for the reps, therefore it seemed the perfect time to reflect on our time working together, so far.

“Clear cost saving”

Automatic order import from the website has made a huge time and resource saving for Really Good back at head office. “With our previous website, we would print the orders and manually import them into our Lakeview system. This took time and generated additional paper wastage and we are delighted with this initial, clear cost saving thanks to InterSell”, Lisa Shoesmith MD at Really Good tells us.

“Customer service improved considerably”

Integration has also provided our customers with correct stock levels and agreed pricing – this is particularly important for Really Good’s export customers who are not serviced by the sales team out on the road and only see Really Good at trade shows. Prior to InterSell, each export customer would place an order using the standard price for a product and Really Good would only be able to give them a correct order value when they received an invoice from head office. It has improved customer service levels considerably. “They love it”, says Lisa. “They feel more in control of their account and expenditure, and the transaction is both transparent and fluid for our customers. We’ve had compliments on the design and ease of use too – we’re very pleased.”

“Natural choice to commission Aspin”

 Our relationship with Aspin is a very positive one. Following the success of MiniSell, it seemed a natural choice to commission Aspin to provide our suite of websites – and – move our field sales ordering over to their PixSell iPad app for a more visual ordering experience.” The website implementations have been driven by Nic Hall at Really Good and she had the following feedback for Aspin; “It’s a double thumbs up for the Aspin and the support they provide, firstly because it’s been very good any time I’ve needed to call on them but mostly because the website go-live has been so smooth, I haven’t needed much support – we really cannot complain!”

“We cannot fault Aspin”

Looking to the future, Really Good anticipate PixSell going live at the end of 2015 and are excited to see how both InterSell and PixSell will align in the field as enterprise ordering applications for both reps and [domestic and export] customers using the website. Finally, we asked Lisa to rate us, “we cannot fault Aspin.

Thanks to Lisa and Nic at Really Good for the comments.