iPad catalogue ordering

  • Sales from general public and trade customers go back into Sage 200
  • Tregothnan staff always have product information to hand
  • Decreased the amount of time taken to process orders

Cornish tea distributor Tregothnan process their retail orders thanks to PixSell iPad catalogue ordering

Home to the first production of the camellia tea plant, Tregothnan are unique in the tea trade with many strings to their bow. A picturesque Cornwall Estate with a passion for producing British products, tea is only one side to a business who frolic in foliage and farming, as well as charcoal and firewood. PixSell iPad ordering was introduced in 2015 initially for the Tregothnan sales reps on the road and has since been adopted in their onsite retail shop, just outside Truro. 

“PixSell works well with how we operate”

Sales team uptake to using PixSell was a key factor for Tregothnan. Prior to iPad ordering, the Tregothnan sales reps in the field would take orders using pen and paper and then email the relevant information back to head office. At head office, a dedicated individual would enter the orders into their ERP system, Sage 200. Thanks to PixSell, the reps can now create instant orders with the customer which are sent back and processed more quickly and effectively.

Using PixSell to take orders at Tregothnan Estates shop 

One year on, it is not just the sales reps who are reaping the rewards of an iPad ordering system. Tregothnan have also adopted PixSell to be used to process retail transactions in their onsite Tregothnan shop – a haven for all the lovely estate produce available to the general public. PixSell is used as a till to process each retail sale. “Previously, orders were taken manually and then processed via receipts and invoices which went through Sage”, says Claire Scholes, Management Accountant at Tregothnan. “The benefit of using PixSell is that orders can be generated instantly on the app with barcode scanning. This makes it easy for us to build a quick order with the customer, and print a receipt for them. The information is then sent over to Sage for record keeping. PixSell has proven to be extremely useful in both trade and retail environment for Tregothnan.

“All the important sales information is at your fingertips”

For the field reps, the instant access to customer data in PixSell has seen many benefits for both Tregothnan and their customers. Ease of use was a key factor and PixSell has allowed Tregothnan to focus more on the visual side of their business, an important aspect – particularly during their festive selling season. “All the product information and images are at your fingertips”, Claire told us. “We are able to bring up the items that the trade customer has purchased before, and we can also make suggestions for additional products which are relevant to their buying profile. This makes it a lot easier to take orders and increase order value.

“A great visual, professional selling tool”

It seems that PixSell has transformed the way Tregothnan sells both out in the field and on-site to visitors. The Tregothnan business model is all about colour, design, nature and sense – a range of concepts that can be delivered to the customer via a visual selling tool. With PixSell, Tregothnan are able to present their brand,  advertise their shop, retail displays and surrounding grounds. “The professional look that PixSell brings to us is great”, Claire says. “With PixSell we can show off our entire product range through category images and PDFs. The reps can also use it to showcase videos of the Tregothnan Estate, and other content. It is a great visual, professional selling tool and has been well received. We will be using PixSell at many of the events we will be attending throughout 2017. At the Chelsea Flower Show, our team will be taking orders of our tea and flower range with PixSell.

“We would recommend working with Aspin”

Tregothnan have certainly seen the value of PixSell and Aspin and this has resulted in a glowing reference. “The support throughout the implementation period has been great”, Claire says. “We always had a clear idea and a clear plan for using PixSell. There are no complaints from us, and I would recommend working with Aspin.”